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OHHHH GUMMMMM...( so allyuh trini's does spell it?) anyways..is thursday night and I ready for a time. I hear MUSE Lounge having a rooftop lime then a after party. well I up in dat. Well Carnival thursday and I've been practicing my wining all week. I ready!!!

Boy I reach Muse and the place packed (these people come out to have a time, and I LOVING it)..the first floor was packed from since I arrive but the second floor offered some relief from the pressuh. you know, who caan take the pressuh g upstairs. lol. everyone was well dressed and looking ultra chic.

MUSE is a lovely spot, a few levels...all narrow and long (so fellas, you doh have to venture far to find a lady). The lighting was beautiful, clean. I like muse.

Excellent vibez. The first floor was non stop pace. Especially that crew right by the Dj booth, they came out to party. Big up to the dj's who keep it going all night long, hazzard, gekko, sprang international, and jwonda.

Drinks were definitely on point. Wait period was short. Drinks were mixed island style (a lil stronger than the normal) and I was loving it. Wish I didnt have this camera in hand at times!!

Service was GREAT. All friends smiling, "buy you a shot bartenders". Thanks for the patron. I felt it later on.

So as I walk back to my car I think to myself, this is only thursday and so people getting on in the fete? Well the ting go be nice, Al is happy. 

Green Juice

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