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"What the gal dem want?, to play HOOKIE HOOKIE" lol..ok so I wasn't even suppose to be here for a number of reasons but I end up at the fete, camera in hand and SOOOOO I happy they let me in. Shout out to the promoters for letting a man like me in..and so I had a time!
The crowd was a nice  mixture of west indian and american. the place was pleasantly packed with party goers. This was a pool party and so everyone was dressed accordingly. I thought I even saw a yellow floatation dingy and people in it.

Venue was a pool side at the capitol skyline hotel, and it was a nice outdoor pool, indoor bar venue. Size was nice for the crowd and it was a lovely day to be around the pool. the people made the venue what is was with their bright colors and vibrant attitude.

Vibes was nice. it's always good to see the american crowd partaking in our island culture. I mean I saw a congo LONG LINE.....if you see man and woman go down low in that line. The music was a mixture and I felt it really made the event what it was.

Even though I didnt get to sample the food it looked GOOD and so the line was long for it. This wasnt inclusive but I surely would have paid. Drinks were a lil hard to get cause so them ladies working the bar were busy, but that didnt stop me from getting that deadly rum punch.

Overall I was happy with this fete. First time playing hookie ;) and it def. wouldnt be my last. I got my excuse ready already for next year "boss, I went last year, ! MUST go this year" lol

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed hookie. vibes, people, music, service all really made the event. There were even nice HOOKIE T-shirts on sale.

Green Juice

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>> View Hookie DC Carnival Day Fete & Pool Party Gallery
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