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Night was perfect weather wise and downtown DC was buzzing like everyone was hit with de carnival fever. As you approach the venue you get the feeling of wow dem promoters raise de venue bar even higher with this one. People posing everywhere, cameras flashing, ladies modeling and men smiling and we not even inside de venue yet. I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a wotless night!

Well true we were there early, but the crowd was a bit thin at first and we were a bit worried because it was a big hall. The early crowd was getting their drink on though and many happy faces were smiling for numerous cameras, a good drink in their hand and the nice vibe that was starting. Fears of low numbers soon faded as the constant flow of people began to fill the hall and keeping the bartenders busy. Wining started, drinks spilling now things started to get LIVE.

The Historical Society Center was all that and more. IMAGINE WE FETEING IN A FEDERAL BUILDING! WELL I SAY WE REACH. After getting thru security (remember I said Federal building) you enter into this beautiful hall and you wonder …do they have any idea how Caribbean people fete???  The fully top shelf bar is stocked and plenty bartenders ready to serve. Stage set, Sprang playing, everything is nice. Best thing, ample free street parking right in front and across the

Live In the City was the best way to describe the vibe. Music pulsating, Johnny and Grey Goose flowing and Kes the Band was absolutely WOTLESS. From the first note, Kes put on an amazing performance. Flags, rags, hands everyting waving, people jumping, ladies screaming and everyone getting on Wotless (even the ladies in their 6 inch stilettos found a way to wotless-ness, .. and dat, my friends is what I call TALENT!!! And when Kes picked up 'De Juicy ting' with one hand and she lean back and point she toes THAT WAY it was over , the crowd went crazy. Mind you, I didn't know that man back strong so eh!). Kes the Band no longer just the pretty boys young band they are Live and ready to show the world 'where dey from.' Everyone said they performed far above expectation.
Gresham, My A List and Bachanal you really took it to the next level with this one. Excellent service throughout the night, including drinks flowing till party done. Cyay wait to see what and where all you bringing us next year.

Let's just say with Kes the Band's great performance which was at a level very few expected, made $55 drinks included WOTIT and MORE.
People left happy, Live in The City was a great start to DC 2011 carnival weekend. All that was missing was the corrn soup and doubles lady.

Signing out ....Wotless Lucian for Trini Jungle Juice

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>> View Live In The City Feat. Kes The Band Live! Gallery
>> View DC Carnival 2011 Coverage