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As it being my first DC Carnival - yes, I said it - I had to do the whole sha bang bang bang - So from fete after fete after fete - I tried not to miss any and to close it all off I must go to DC Carnival Cool Down Party! This year for DC Carnival, TJJ was running low on numbers - usually we have no less than five (5) people in DC Carnival but the bare minimum rolled this DC - it was the L-Boogie, Senor Al and Scorn Show!! That did not stop the fun from occuring! It only takes one (1) TJJ Trooper to tango in a Carnival (Trust Me ... we have experience ... especially Boogie & Scorn). Though numbers were limited we still got all the love ... don't think that would ever change! We love you too folks!

This Cool Down Party is exactly what it is ... A Cool Down Party - After Indigo & Shine Breakfast Party on the same day - there is only one place to be afterwards - The Park! I swear I though we were going to an actually a park (since I don't live in the states ... doh!) ... low and behold its in a club - with multiple levels and real drinks flowing - different music - mostly soca - different DJs - DJ Sprang, & DJ Hazzard were playing at the outdoor patio, while DJ Ghost & J Wanda played on the inside - and we are definitely having a cool down PARTY! The venue was quite intimate I must say - albeit very dark and cozy - I think it could be described as a set the mood venue ... I will tell you this ... it set my mood dammit!! Tsk Tsk Tsk ...

Duly noted that this was a free event, patrons who did not want to pay to go to Indigo or Shine will definitely go to the cool down party - because you are guaranteed to bounce up everyone who was in the aforementioned events. It is without fail that a Carnival Season should always have a cool down event - I think it is warranted - however, I am used to a pool or a beach lime or a river lime for the cool down event - but never have I been in a club for a cool down fete! That did not stop patrons from enjoying themselves, it was clear as day it was going to be a splendid night and as some people were leaving some people were entering - the clicker door man was having a hard time at one point in time - had to chuckle at him! Even when we were ready to leave, some people just did not want to leave! When you think about it this way ... Drinks Flowing From All The Bars ... Soca Pumpin' Hard & Low ... Caribbean people ain't leavin' in a hurry! No Way No How! It would be a crime!

Probably the highlight of the evening was when we saw Miami Heat 2011 Starting Center Joel Anthony all up in the boogie mingling with the crowd - you know you cannot miss him!!! Furthermore, of course Papa San Anthony must take a wine and bubble on some generous bamcee which was sharing ... he even get the cock back and roll agouti look back style with the ben up lip and pull back hair pose! Yeah We Saw Yuh Padna ... We Saw yuh !!!! I think is because we knew the females too boom blast pang pang!!!!!!!

In the end really this Cool Down party was a social event - great to see all the folks coming out - great to see old friends - meet some new folks - even meet friends that were stolen from you and rekindle possible old flames - exchange business ideas - possibly meet your favourite personal groupie - you never know at a cool down party ... anything goes really! Worth the time and energy spent definitely!

Another DC Carnival Has Come And Gone & Its Only The First One For Scorn - It Has Got My Scornful Stamp Of Approval! ... pending ...

Scorn Juice
... I'm Not A Star, Somebody Lied, I Got A Chopper In My Car ...

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