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Breezy beautiful boat ride! Luckily I was able to catch the boat before it left Pier 83. Getting to Pier 83 isn't usually difficult, this was not the case on this day. Because of the ""GAY PRIDE PARADE"", streets were blocked off and i'm guessing all who drove into or took cabs to the Pier did some circling. The boat rocked from beginning till end. As soon as the left the dock, the party was definitely in swing. Everyone basically headed for the top deck. From the young to the old was aboard indulging in the food & music.

We Riddim Band was present and once again I'm on the boat and I would see plates of food passing by. In my head I'm thinking maybe just maybe I should go grab a plate and fill my stomach with some curry. All I could do was take in a whiff of each plate piled with curry and pelau that was blown in my direction courtesy of the fresh breeze. One the other hand, I find it very hard to believe that Johnnie Walker was not present on the boat ride!!!!! Blasphemy I tell you! One extremely LUCKY person won a return ticket to Trinidad compliments of Rose Keith and the Travel agency. I wish it was me though! Better luck next time to all!!!

Big ups to Tolo & Silk, Larry and the Rum Shop Crew, Funky fat boy, Cassanovas, We Riddim Band and last but not least Miss Rose.

Lesly D

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