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If you were looking for a classy, and trendy way to spend the evening before the July 4th holiday, Green Light was the event of choice. Though the average Brooklynite would be unwilling to hike up to Queens to party, the ride was well worth it. The venue was relatively easy to find as the promoters made sure that they gave detailed directions of how to get there and there were several options for parking provided even though street parking was very easy to find close by.

In keeping with the name, there was green everywhere, from the lights to the decorations to the cups!!!!!! Most people even came out with a hint of green somewhere on them. I wish I had gotten the heads up on that cause I have a green dress I've been itching to wear for some time now. And talk about dressed to kill, the ladies came out in full force and the guys weren't backward either. I was taking plenty fashion notes that night cause the crowd was looking mighty good. As with any all-inclusive, especially a drinks inclusive people come out to buss the bar. But that they did not do, drinks kept flowing all night and there was no shortage in the well-stocked bar.

As far as food goes, there was still left for me to take a second lil bite before I leave. The crowd started off a lil social, it was more like a big lime at first, but as the DJs warmed them up I saw people who stand up posing cute cute in the beginning all up on the dancefloor having a time and enjoying the vibes. The DJs for the night were among Brooklyn's finest: Natural Freaks, SLI, Sounds 4 Life, Dr. Wax, and Freaks for Soca. Kudos to Frank and NYCaribbeanVibes for a well-catered and classy event.

Nuff food, nuff drinks, and sweet music, the right ingredients for a great time.

Anika T.

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