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After making two stops in Grenada and Barbados with trusty ole LIAT, I finally touched down in St. Vincent around 9AM. With no time to waste it was straight to Limerz Cruise Vincy Edition boat ride “Delirious”. Daddy Juice I’m here!!! D’ Young Juice is here to represent in SVG!

Pulling into Young Island’s marina, we boarded the catamaran... happy to report that Team TJJ wasn’t the last to board. Walking towards the vessel I could notice bikinis, white pants and sexy WOMEN!!!! Where are the men? (Who vex? Not me!)

Anchor in, music pumping (thanks to DJ Icecold) and we sailing away off to the Grenadines, 80 patrons plus the captain and mates ... we ready for the waters.
‘Never see, come see’ to SVG, we took every moment to capture both the flora and fauna, but not forgetting all the winning and grinding taking place (in which we gladly indulged).

Party in full swing with the Trini/Vincy (Blair, Kim, Jo ... winer girl) and foreign crew (big up we NY & T.O people) of girls doing there fair share of ‘Palancing’, neck, back and body wining. The two songs that this crew loved the most were Machel’s “Bend Over” and Kes the Band “Wotless”.

Bequia ... WE REACH! Lunch stop and cool down in the lovely beach with white sand and blue waters. Splash ... everybody in the water, well except for Fireman Cooper and Popots Barbie Juice, who were more concerned with sun tanning there butt cheeks with some good tropical sun. Lolz.

Limerz Cruise .... Lovin’ it!!! Sun, Sand, Bikini Bottom ladies and drinks ... we head nice, even the DJ take a dip fuss de thing sweet.

Now unlike Trinidad, small island cruises (Lucia, Grenada, Vincy) are a full day activity, so be prepared to stay out for the day. After Bequia we made another stop at Mt. Wynn beach to enjoy it’s black sand. It’s 3PM and we back on the move ... it’s last lap back to shore so everybody ready to have a time.

The jamishness start (again). Big John AKA Girls Dem Teddy Bear (thanks Kim) on the mic alongside George created the vibes when he buss some of the popular Vincy 2011 soca tunes like Skinny Fabulous ft Busy Signal’s “Rave Out”, New Sensation’s “Mash Up Mash Up” and Gao’s “Sheep”, which had everybody moving.

Once Big John took a rest from MC’ing, upcoming Trinidadian artiste Zeek (based out in Barbados currently) took over and the action continued alllll the way till we returned to the marina.

With zero rain for the entire cruise, it was a blessed day, definitely a good start to Vincy Mas for foreigners to catch up with old friends and get to know new ones that they will most likely bounce up at other Vincy Mas events.

Shout outs to Chris & Justin of Motions Entertainment for organizing this memorable cruise, and of course thanks to you guys again for the nice 65% to 35%  woman to man ratio... no post office, NOT AT ALL!

Who rolling to Soca Monarch later?

Ah wining on any gyal... ahhhhh wooooooo,
D’Young Juice

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>> View Limerz Cruise "Delirious" Gallery
>> View St. Vincent & The Grenadines Carnival 2011 Coverage