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Pukka Up!

What started off in the early 90’s as an annual “goat cook” on Carnival Sunday has become one of the major happenings on the unofficial calendar of events of Vincy Mas.

What used to be more of a private lime by the “Limers Kru” is now a popular all-inclusive beach picnic that attracts up to 800+ Vincentians (local and foreign used) and foreigners from abroad along with other Caribbean islands.

The party is held at a private black sandy beach called Mt. Wynn between 1-8pm and the best time to get there is early afternoon. Heh, it’s a FREE drinks party!

Greeted with tropical fabric flower necklaces and equipped with our band that entitles us to drink till we drop and also recharge with snacks and a meal later on in the evening we made our way past the bar to the DJ tent set up at the rear end of the beach. A little further down in the back was a make shift kitchen, with wood fire bubbling about 2-3 giant iron pots of Callaloo soup which included dumplins, breadfruit, plantain, dasheen and more... yum. Looking forward to this later on.

The atmosphere was very chill; people tend to socialize in the early hours instead of jamming hard to the Soca beats, saving the hot & sweaty dance moves for when the sun goes down. And after the alco kicked in and it got dark, one might swear they were in a completely different party! Daddy Juice, take pre-caution with the Rum Point ... Sunset Very Strong Rum warning!

The event definitely attracts a well blended crowd, a mix of stylish city folks, surfer types, boat enthusiasts and classy islanders ... everyone just looking for a nice lime on Carnival Sunday.

The vibe changed into a more vibrant atmosphere when the local artists hit the stage and performed their tunes, no one was standing still. Jamesy P, Problem Child and Skinny Fabulous are no strangers to Slippery When Wet and know exactly how to work the crowd ... that’s for sure.

All in all it was a very nice experience, the food was yummy (the Callaloo soup WIN!) but unfortunately the bar service was lacking. The bartenders were favoring locals in regards to serving, even if it meant to pass drinks over a foreigner’s head (thanks for that... steups). A good amount of the jello shots prepared for guests ended up down bartenders throats who got frustrated with the thirsty crowd... not a good move and definitely needs improvement. Besides that, the EC$100 for the SWW ticket was well spent and I recommend this fete to anyone who is in St. Vincent for Carnival.

Popots Barbie Juice
"Popots wining in the sand so black, some people might die of heart attack"

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