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So we take a little run away to visit Climaxx. We hear.....shhhhhh....we hear its ah best party. At least this is what the elders say. And who am I to disappoint the elders, and not go. You know...long ago when granny tell you that something going to happen and you say...'yeah right'....and it really come through...you know you will start to look at granny a bit differently eh! You will want to know if she partnering with Ms. Cleo! Anyway, so we decided to make the run on sound advice. And by the way, somebody say Back to Basics coming.....steupes...year right! B2B? In Houston? Hmmm.....we had to find out. Called the ultimate day fete with a 5pm kickoff, Climaxx certainly have all the makings of a bang out session....best DJ, good name, history on their side, and the word spreading like wild fire. So let's check it out...   

As we entered the venue, beautiful people everywhere. No complaints. Folks were well dressed, classy and sexy and certainly easy on the eyes....especially (and I don't know if I should do this) Lauren. Absolutely stunning!!! Hey...don't blame me, she is the one that came up to me and introduced herself....but wow....made meh night yes... Anyway...back down to earth. With the crowd growing bit by bit, the people just got sexier and sexier. All I have to do now is just press the shutter button. I found myself looking toooooo much through the lens just a couple of seconds longer! That's all! And Lauren, it's your fault! Shame on you! Lol.....Other than that, good looking crowd, but not packed out as expected. However, the later it got, the dance floor got much more difficult to maneuver.

The location of the event was at Club Cosmos. Not a bad idea but as we heard, the event was last held at a house. And nothing can replace a house party! But Cosmos wasn't too bad. The layout was good. It was spacious but not too big. The ambiance was good and the place was clean. It was a bit hot, but nothing to complain about. People were in there having a great time so the body heat would raise....and besides...we are in Texas baby! Lastly, the location was a bit out of the way from the other Carnival events, but what it lost in location, it made up in vibes.

This vibes review will be short and sweet....as I hate repeating myself. I know...there are many other DJ's out there that are fantastic and have a good name when it comes to playing. We know this. But de man good and whether it have 15 people in a party or 1500, the vibes can't done! Who remember 'Franky....do you remember me? Franky....do you remember...ohhhhhh how you brought me down...down down....lol (I think those are the lines) but yes....that Franky.....well....Talk Done Dey!

Drinks were upscale with upscale prices....but being a club scene, we did't expect too much. There was not too much to talk about for food, but ah lil pelau would have done well!

Services was good! The Limerz Intl. crew sent a darling of a ride for us. Lucy....hmmmmm....anyway....am...well...what was I saying????? Ohhhh... the service...right....Service was good. the hard part was getting back to some of the other events. But TJJ doh worry when it comes to ride. As far as the promoters, they were good to us. As I said, we have good history with them and they took care of us. Thanks guys...As a matter of fact, one of the crew left to get me a bottle of water...30 minutes later I see de man on a bumsee...no water yet...I doh blame him. But Lucy made sure I was good to go! Thanks guys...we appreciate it!

Again...this will be short....the money was worth seeing B2B.....any questions?

Overall, the event was good. We had a great time. We appreciate the hospitality and the love shown to TJJ. Thanks guys! Lauren.....Melissa (sexy lady in the red dress).....Lucy....nice meeting you all....Cardo....keep up the good work. The lady by the front door as well....thanks for your kindness as well. We will be looking forward to Climaxx 2012!!

Joy Juice...Out and About

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Climaxx 2011 (Houston CaribFest 2011) Gallery
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