2011 Miami Carnival Season Promises To Provide All of the Flavorful Ingredients of the Caribbean

(For Immediate Release-Miami, Fl )-13 July 2011 - The Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee steps into high gear of planning for the launch event of 2011 Miami-Broward Carnival season that will be held on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at Sun Life Stadium, Grand Plaza-Full Plaza, Gate H Helix-2267 N. W. 199th Street, Miami Gardens, Fl from 9pm to 4am. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Considered the mecca of all Carnivals in the North American region, the Miami-Broward One Carnival Host Committee which consists of Ruthven Williams (Executive Director), Mario Zamora(Chairman), Sydney Roberts (Vice Chairman), Asa Sealy (Secretary), John Beckford (Treasurer), Joan Hinkson, Dallas Michael and Rafiek Mohammed are looking to bring more fresh and creative elements into the brand this year. This event embodies the rich, creative and cultural traditions of the Caribbean. People who attend Miami-Broward Carnival for the first time generally turn around and book their trip for the following year due to the potent mixture of cultures and ethnicities of the Caribbean.

“I am looking forward with great anticipation to seeing the bands at the 2011 Carnival Launch. Every year the costumes rise to new heights. We in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties are lucky to have the participation of not only Trinidad & Tobago, but also so many of the islands and countries from throughout the Caribbean, Central and South American regions. The heritages of all these different regions are evident in the costumes displayed at Carnival and we get a small glimpse of it at the Launch. How exciting that in this, our third year of working together, we have more bands and more ethnicities involved in Carnival. As both Chairman of Miami Carnival Inc., and Executive Director of Miami-Broward Carnival, I take pleasure in saying that this Carnival, which in 2011 will celebrate the 27th annual parade and festival, is a true representation of everything good about South Florida and more than any other festival or event, shows how far we Caribbean people have come”, states Ruthven Williams, Miami-Broward One Carnival, Executive Director.

“One Carnival 2011” will bring further unity and a greater community involvement. The City of Miami Gardens has opened its doors to One Carnival like no other city has and we thank the entire City Council and Mayor for giving Carnival a Home. Carnival in the City of Miami Gardens promises to be a family event to be enjoyed by the entire community as well as the continued growth of “Carnival Goers” worldwide, making Miami Gardens a Destination City, a culturally diverse city where its Citizens and all who labor here support this annual event, states Mario Zamora, Miami-Broward One Carnival Chairman and President of Broward Caribbean Carnival Inc.

The launch event on July 16th promises to give a glimpse into the fun and excitement that will be experienced on Carnival day, on Sunday, October 9, 2011. The mas bands participating in this year’s Carnival will reveal their creative designs and portrayals. Music will be provided by some of South Florida hottest DJ’s who include: Sound Revolution, Eternal Vibes, Maestro, Mix Master Roderick, Gary Enforcement, House Arrest, Dynasty Intl’ Mac 10, DJ Cleve.

Vendors please call 305.653.1877. Media credentials please contact: Harris Public Relations at 786.897.8854 or info@harrispublicrelations.com.