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We were ready to fill our bellies with curry so we headed to C-Pac to Radica-The Curry Tabanca.  Upon entering the yard I honestly have to say I was aghast at how pretty the yard looked decked out in all yellow.  From the lanterns to the sheets, to the bartenders in their pretty skirts; I was impressed.  We were no longer just in a pan yard, the yard was completely transformed.  Kudos to Felix and John for a job well done on décor.

Anonymous was on the ones and twos keeping the crowd going with a mix of everything from old to new soca, pop, and the classics.  Just from scanning the crowd it was nice to see that some men and women stuck to the theme and came out in their best Indian wear.  So now that I surveyed the crowd it was time to do the same for the food.  When I say the line was looonnnggg, it was amazing to see people waiting so patiently on a plate of food.  I made a friend at the front of the line and then I had a plate in hand lol.  What can I say, I like my belly.  The variety of food did not disappoint and there was more than enough for everyone.  From curry goat, chicken, shrimp, to pumpkin, potato, channa, pholourie and of course buss up to name a few.  But what happened to the curry shark????  That was the only thing missing from my plate.  Oh did I mention that everything was tasty; thank you Sherma Clarke Promotions.

With a full belly it was time to hit the bar and see what that situation was like.  It seemed as though the recession was over because in every direction people were buying bottles.  Definitely nice to see people out spending money and having a good time.

Somewhere between the curry and the back in time segment which was being played by DJ Spice, you heard Back to Basics on the mic.  Next thing the crowd started to chant Kes ”Show meh whey yuh from” and Radica went from first to third gear in the blink of an eye.  Everyone was dancing and having a great time.  The pace never slowed down after that and it was only pace.  It was nice to see the progression of the crowd and to see a nice mixed crowd enjoying themselves.  At this point, nobody wanted to go home but the fete was two hours into overtime.  But before people exited, some of them made it back to the food station but there was not much left besides curry potato, channa and rice.  I was told that was the best meal at the end of the night.  I think it’s safe to say for those who attended Radica, they made it an experience and for those of you who weren’t there, you missed a nice Saturday night fete.  Yes we need to bring back the Saturday night fetes.  Great job Party People Promotions, 2B Promotions and Fun Guyz you definitely succeeded in bringing back the Saturday vibes.  Looking forward to the next one guys.

Karamel Kitten

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>> View Radica 'The Curry Tabanca' 2011 Gallery