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Three years with Outrageous Sexy in Black, and De camel coming back again!!! It was too long, anticipating this fete, I headed 1st by some of my friends for a little lime and warm up. At 11pm, we decided to roll in the fete held in the huge parking lot of Gaiety in Gros Ilet.

Performances were already on its way with local warming up the massive crowd already there for some Mad Action. The venue was composed by a general and VIP spot. As for the VIP area, it was nicely decorated with a big touch a pink, covered and elevated, it was giving the partygoers a good view of the stage along with two free drinks bars fully stocked, and a killer service. VIP had the privilege also to get a food service with different kind of sushi, sandwiches or little salad, nothing too heavy to soak up the alcohol but it’s always good have a little something ... The VIP crowd was mixed between young and old people with locals and foreigners from the Caribbean, Europe and us. In a fancy style or not but all in black, people here were enjoying the vibes offered by the local artists with a preference to the hits "Glo KO KO" by Mongster and "Indian Gyal" by Rikki T.

The vibe at this point was ok, certainly the calm before the Trinidadian storm! Big up to my assistant who helped me with some pictures; Jay D. you did a good job my dear, thanks a lot. I escaped the VIP area to join the general scene where all my friends were, they said General is where the fun and the bacchanal is, so this is where we all going to jam ! And they didn’t lie; the ambiance was way more kicking. It was well packed, actually very very crowded and with some good energy they welcomed another good local artist Teddyson John who did a nice performance.Warmed up and reeaaddy, the Outrageous in Black crowd went really on bad with the maestro IWER GEORGE and all his well known soca hits. Staying in front the stage, the crowd was singing, waving and jumping all over, nice vibes, even the ground was moving or shaking, MAD TING going on dey!!

Waiting for the star of the night KES THE BAND, some sets of the dj completely sent the party into a next level! 2:30 pm was showing and it was time for KES THE BAND to appear, the soca sensation of Trinidad came on the stage, really determined!!! With a lot of energy KES sang all his soca hits of 2011 (“Wotless”, “Where Yuh From”, “Ah Ting”), went through some house-techno, international music and reggae. Trying to lift up the atmosphere to the stars, the band and all the dancers did a sumptuous performance; the FRONT OF THE STAGE was conquered by fans and hotties jamming and singing words for words ...

I absolutely need to mention some Top actions of the show: 1st one was Kes stepping out the stage, running in the general area to get in VIP, he is a crazzzyyyy and generous man and we know it! It was really nice to see him communicate and embracing the partygoers. 2nd was Kes welcoming girls on his stage, pure madness for those hotties Wining and behaving bad. Just MAD TING as Lucians would say.

Kes performance was simply a bess show for me, unfortunately from the stage and with a good view of all the general area, the crowd stayed pretty quiet all along the band set, no real vibes. After all I understood now why Kes stepped out the scene, lifted and wine on girls, he tried and tried again to make the crowd move but nahhhh, the public was simply watching his show without any enthusiasm.This is only my opinion but I don’t think St. Lucia was ready for KES THE BAND, with all his music and those international songs, only the people in the very front of the scene that I saw were having a blast,  I left the party a little sad asking myself where was the bacchanal, Wotless people, uhhhhhhhhh where??
People gone fast after the end of the fete, and I would be surprised to hear that everybody present that night had a blast, and I still cannot understand why not.

A Camel coming back home disappointed and sober is NOT A HAPPY CAMEL !!!

-De Camel

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