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The is probably the crown event of the emancipation weekend in Bermuda.  There were over 10, 000 beautiful people from all walks of the planet and of all stations in life.  It is like the North Stand for Pan Premlims on the beach.  Music playing, football, Volleyball  and other activities running, people swimming, drinks flowing and beautiful people in swim ware for miles.

You like White, you can get that, you like black you can get that.  You like mixed, you can get that.  You like them foreign, you like them local.  You can get any order of person you want in that event.  Everyone respecting and loving each other for who they are.  It is beautiful to see, feel and deeply experience.

It take little effort to love horseshoe beach in Bermuda, God created perfection and there is little you can do improve on perfection.  There is natural white sandy beaches with lots of activities there to do.  You name it, it there. Stage, top local and foreign artist, half pipe, football, rugby, tug-o-war, drinks, food, liming, swimming and the list goes on.  Parking and the walk down is the only thing, a shuttle might help but how you going to fit 10, 000 people?

It real easy to catch vibes when you meeting so many few friends by the minute.  TJJ crew I cannot put this experience into words but only say it is like putting Pan Premlims on the beach and then dressing them in swim wear and see where that ends up.  Imagine staking out beach grounds from 4am the night before so you can have your spot and bbq and stuff.  I am sure we never do that in Pan...

There were all types of cuisine was there on the beach. You can purchase Jamaican, or any other type of typical local Caribbean cuisine.  it was also delicious. The drinks and food was for purchase but the cost of the event is free.  If you did not cook your own there you would not go hungry.  I had my first dark storm - a ginger beer flavored cocktail and if you like ginger beer you will love it.  The liquors were not premium so they did not get the 10 but say what.

I am rating this one based on the friendliness of the people overall.  I loved the pride they took in the beach and for one another.  They kept the beach clean and was always concerned that their neighbor was having a good time.  One person came to check in with a beer for me and then if I spoke to loud then came over to ensure i was having a good time and not frustrated.  You got to love it.

FREE is the best price in the world.  Priceless

I would like to send out a special big up to Najib Chentouf and the whole chew stick foundation.  They really personally invested their time and energy to do public relations for the island.  They are improving each year.  The Government and the people of Bermuda have said it all day yesterday that they should be proud of what they have done with Beach Fest in the last 6 years. It has become a Top 5 must do on my calendar of events.

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