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RING DE ALARM, The Club Med is calling again !!!! After an epic Mercury beach 2011 and St Lucia CarnivaI 2011, I was back on its beach for the event of the day. A special day bringing us a premiere event in Martinique.

Arriving in the middle of the afternoon, the club was already welcoming the partygoers. This brand new event was organised for the first time in Martinique by the famous club, internationally known of St Maarten, The BLISS was simply a « must do ».

The beach was as usual beautiful and peaceful, the outstanding landscape and the decoration was giving you a feeling of Miami’s Nikki Beach. There were private lounge areas on the beach for the crowd, they could easily chill and enjoy the water. The ambiance was at this time had a kind of lounge atmosphere, a nice warm up until the main DJ performance.Yes folks, The Bliss St Maarten came with its resident DJ’s (Mister T and Lorenzo), MC ( Mr Perfect) and HOT HOT dancers … OH GODDDD it was no jokes, a sexy and premium show when they all came on the scene.

All a sudden the atmosphere just exploded ! Music was blasting inside the club, as there was no sound system on the beach.Well done in my opinion, the crowd wasn’t all over the place and stayed in this little area. That concept just pushed up the ambiance to the maximum, you had to see people on table, screaming, wining, dancing like crazy, just enjoying the vibes !

The DJs were just on fire and it was simply impossible not to wine, or jump up! New music and the latest summer hits transported this crowd to St Maarten, thank you guys, it was bombastic !

Let’s summarize the context:
- Club Med
- Beach
- Bikinis , yes I know, agaiiinnnnnnnn, like Martinique is only about that (^_^)
- Happy patrons all of all ages, mingling & having a ball
- Rosé wine and champagne everywhere
- Blasting Sound
- Even a casino table was there for the poker lovers

All of this gave us premium cocktails!!!

Smiles, Wink, Everybody IRIE, singing loud and wining baaaaddd on their favorite songs, results of the day: A BLAST!!!!
I need some rest now, next stop BARBADOS CROP OVER

-De Camel

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>> View BLISS Summer Tour 2011 Part 1
>> View BLISS Summer Tour 2011 Part 2