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This Boat ride really lived up to it's name "The Battle Of Sinners & Saints" When I saw an Exotic Dancer emerge from down stairs of the Boat dressed in a Sexy One Piece thong and a Dollar :)

The Crowd filled up the Upper Deck, More Saints dressed Sexy in White, than Sinners dressed up in Red. But everyone deserved the title Sinners by the end of the Boat Ride..They definitely had a Blast!

The Venue was exquisite from top to bottom floor..you know how Promoter's usually have you sweating and thirsty, well this was not the case. The AC was up to the Max, as you entered the boat you can feel the cool air. The Crew maintained the boat as Party Goers ate and drank to their leisure.

This Boat Ride was filled with excitement and Vibez from Beginning to end with Dj's  Gary from Ras Fm with Ole school Jams entertaining the party Goes while they entered the boat and Food was served. Backyard Sounds took over with his fine selection of Music that pleased the Crowd. which included : Jep Sting, Deliaha and Big ship Sailing. Well ppl break away! All Saints became sinners..One Lady said "" Meh Man 6 feet,if he was here no man could ah wine on meh Bumcee"" lol Well she forget about he and was all over de floor!
Foreign Base started off with de conscious vibez Jah Cure and which it up with Soca, R&B and Hip Hop.. Ppl was all over de boat and whining all over de table. I had to secure the DJ's water which was getting heavy jammin and all lol

Ringo Star rep for Pantrinvibes with his cultural mixes from Kes - Where yah from .. to Latin music. He was a definite crowd pleaser. Alongside the Rhythm section who was in full effect in the middle of the dance floor.

Massive Porductions brought us back to shore Palancing with  - Somebody go horn yah and Wotless... All Dj's were very impressive with their mixes kept the crowd going.

The food was Excellent !!! Brought me back to meh Sunday Food which included Callaloo, Chow Mein, bbq Chicken and Steam Fish with Scrumptious Veggies. Callaloo Soup was also an option. Alyah eh making joke ! Meh mouth still watering from the taste...Service provided by Callaloo members Aunty Angie, Ms. Dale and Miss Halli. Ladies you did an EXCELLENT JOB!

Top Rated Service from Promoters and Staff ..yah definitely seeing me @ your next event :)

Very cost effect and easy on the pockets.

Would like to thank the Callaloo Sinners Crew (Rehab Boys, Massive Pro and RasFM) for making me feel @ home with Family. Service was excellent, food was in abundance.. we did not have to wait for drinks, the Bar tenders were very courteous and skilled with drinks they served. Dj's made their names on the 1'z and 2'z. TJJ Definitely looking forward to their next event~!

- NikkiG aka ConnecKitt

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>> View Battle Of Saints & Sinners Boat Ride Gallery