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I hear a rumour... Jack Sparrow is in London, hellbent to find the Fountain of Youth!!! No provocation or warning or offer of Parley !!!!

Now this is a Corset and Diamonds event we have been looking forward to!! Lead us to the Fountain of Youth!!!! Ladies in revealing Burlesque attire and Gents keen to show us their best Jack Sparrow impression (There should be a 'Captain' in there somewhere!!!) There'll be dangers along the way... firstly mermaids, zombies... Blackbeard!

What a great theme to give you just the excuse to wear very little (and yep some people did exactly that!!!...savvy!!) yet still manage to disguise your face at the same time!!! Secret Debauchery!!! Love it!!  Corset and Diamonds always provide amazing service both to their patrons and to the extended Juice family!!! So we were gutted to hear this event clashed with so many others we had to attend on the same night...our sincere apologies that this review is just a snippet of what scandalous behaviour went down in this ship after we left !! (Monica don't worry we'll be there for the duration next time!!!)

So we are back in the quaint Clerkenwell House which is now a favourite for Corset and Diamonds (Close to the tube and easy parking...a very rare thing to say in this city!!) and suits the event oh so well, me thinks...as it cleverly transformed into the Queen Anne's revenge!!! savvy!

Whilst the crowd was small to begin with, we hear it filled up later on as troops of Pirates made their way through the City of London to observe the corruption within!!! Ladies in tight corsets and fishnet tights, gents in tight breaches and fake dreadlocks... there were even some gold teeth, plenty of swords and lots and lots of flesh !!! First up we were treated to the fabulous Captain himself who sauntered around making love to his bottle of rum as the Ladies screamed 'Jack... if this is a dream, you can keep your boots and sword on. If its not...' LOL

There were as always some amazing outfits and so even though the crowd started off small, the entertainment factor remained HIGH, very high...and that will always remain one of the unique components we love about Ms Martinez and her breathtaking Burlesque events!!
We were waiting patiently for some saucy mermaids and fear we may have missed some after our departure from the Ship! Cocktails were again on point, reasonably priced and made with pristine attention to detail! I had the best cosmopolitan aboard this ship that I've experienced in a while... We are sorry we missed the rest, truly sorry... but Corset and Diamonds, you know how TJJ love you and we'll be back for more sexy outfits, saucy behaviour and top Burlesque performers soon !!! For now we have just one thing to say...

I thought I should give you warning. We're taking the ship. It's nothing personal.
On to the next event...You can sleep when you're dead!!!

-Posh Juice

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