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Shorblu is at it again! They have brought us a brand new Brooklyn event entitled “Cocktails: It’s All About the Drinks…” We are back to the Brooklyn Children’s museum rooftop for this one and having been there for a number of events now, I can truly appreciate the effort put into decorating the venue. The white tents were out in full force, and the signature colors were red and gold. A very sexy Miami-esque vibe for the rooftop- nice!

Speaking of Miami- the heat! It was so hot that even though Freaks for Soca was putting in work, most people just swayed from side to side in the shade and fanned themselves with flyers.  I say MOST, there was a group of very excited party goers celebrating a birthday who were in the middle of the rooftop showing us all how it should be done! The crowd was well dressed, with an emphasis on beating the heat: I spied more than one gentleman wearing linen, and the ladies kept it sleeveless where possible.

I decided that it was time to get my cocktail on and put the drinks menu provided upon arrival to good use. I aimed to taste some of the Signature cocktails, and I sampled a “TopNotch” (Ciroc Vodka, Peach Schnapps and Orange Juice)-Yum! Looking to the left of the bar I spied the complimentary food table and put it to good use. The spread included 2 types of rice (one with shrimp), ribs, chicken wings and salad. The food was delicious! And as the heat showed no signs of stopping, I made use of the bar several more times for water (of course!), a “Beach Bum” (Tequila, Gin, Light Rum, Pineapple juice, Sugar Syrup and Coconut Water) and a lot of White Sangria. (The normal drinks and bottles were on offer as well). The bartenders were friendly, quick and efficient. We finally decided to commit and just purchase several pitchers of sangria and found a spot in the shade until the heat loosened its grip a little.

Early on, there weren’t a lot of people in attendance. But as the sun started to set, more and more people arrived (though I will never understand how people are comfortable arriving at 7:30 to an event advertised to end at 8pm. SMH) We posed for various photographers and sipped on our sangrias as the wheels changed over to DJ Kaos and then GBM’s Sounds. Once the sun set, the party was in full force. A good amount of people were in attendance by then, and bodies were wining and moving from side to side. A good time seemed to be had by all!

TJJ would like to thank the Shorblu family for having us at another signature event, and we look forward to attending this one in years to come- a nice vibe for those of us who did not travel to Caribana or Cropover! Til next year….

- Rasta Barbie

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