>> View Euphoria Mas Band Launch "Natural Elements" Gallery

Euphoria Mas presents Natural Elements for Miami / Broward One Carnival 2011.  Got a sneek peek while the girls and guys were getting ready and the costumes were absolutley stunning.  

I saw Miss Miami Carnival 2010 came out to scope out the costume scene. I wonder who she playing with this year?  People came out in numbers to see what Euphoria was about, which is a premium Ultra all inclusive band experience.    

Cocomo's night club located in Sunrise is a large venue which accomadated the band launch.  There was ample packing which is a plus.  What I like about this place, is the nice large long bar, so I dont have to wait long to order a drink.  Thumbs up..

Music by Gary Enforcement,Gemstone Int.,Dimensions Sound,
Dj Chris - Bacchanal Radio to name a few. The music was sweet!  This event was hosted by Taj & Junior from Vibyz Radio.

Euphoria Mas - Natural Elements have five colorful sections:
1. Earth
2. Air
3. Fire
4. Water
5. Spirit - This section is dedicated and shows tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness, the female only section.

For more information and pricing check www.euphoriamas.com

I coming to take a wine in this band, see allyuh on the road!!!

-PSI Juice (Party Scene Investigations)

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>> View Euphoria Mas Band Launch "Natural Elements" Gallery