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Maracas Cooler Fete...The Illegal Edition, the sexiest cooler fete of the summer brought to you by Soul Sisters and Friends had finally reached and we were ready to bare all.  The weather was not looking promising but rain or shine we were heading to C-Pac with cooler stocked and ready to have a good time.

As we arrived, you could see the palm trees, yellow lanterns, blue umbrellas, and beach balls floating around the venue.  And believe it or not, there were actually a few early birds who had already had coolers, beach chairs and tents set up; they more than came prepared.  As the sun decided to show its face we started to see more and more coolers and beach chairs enter the yard as well as ladies in their swim suits and cover ups.  I loved seeing the different types of coolers which varied from your standard size, to mini, to the coffin sized ones as well as palm tree shaped and not to be outdone by the animal shaped ones like the cute frog I spotted.  Yes everyone definitely put thought into what they were bringing out for this one.  Soul Sisters even went the extra length to dress in colorful sexy beach attire and have some angels dressed in white bikinis as eye candy.  Nice touch ladies.  

Dj Anonymous and Infamous started the crowd off with some nice music alongside D’ Rhythm Section which set the tone for the night.  Everyone was mingling, drinking, taking a small jam and having a good time.  Then somewhere in the midst of this like an exodus there were about 100 people that came in with coolers in tow and the yard was packed.  I guess they got the memo that Maracas Cooler fete was swanky and they needed to get here since the vibes was on point.  By this time, Back to Basics came on with the fist pumping music which had party goers in a frenzy.  C-Pac was in a gear and it was only getting better from this point.  There were men and women on top of coolers jammin, and I even witnessed a few striptease on top coolers.  Yes, between the sweet music, all the dancing, the heat, and the liquor consumed, everybody was in the mind set to strip.  Sounds 4 Life and Natural Freaks came afterwards and had the crowd going, somewhere in the midst of all of this, it started to rain but clearly no one scattered because we didn’t care, we wanted more and is now waist start to pelt.  At this point it was very evident that MARACAS COOLER FETE sell off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were having such a great time that we nearly didn’t realize there were vendors selling food.  From DJ Bird selling corn soup, bake and shark, Natalie and Adrian with chicken and chips, and Sherma Clarke Promotions selling macaroni pie, calaloo, stew chicken and rice and peas.  

Maracas had vibes from start to finish and it was nice to see the event go as late as it did.  However, next year this event needs to be held on a Saturday.  After all the alcohol consumption that went on from 5pm to 1am there is no way we can function at work on a Monday morning.

Ladies you put together an amazing event and we can’t wait to see what you do next year.


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>> View Maracas Cooler Fete New York "Illegal Edition" Gallery