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It’s Carnival Sunday evening and The Carnival Ref finally arrives in simply beautiful St. Lucia thanks to Red Unlimited (Krystal... you rock!). Well I really got to thank Copy Kat Juice for getting me to the airport on time and good ole Liat for running late. Shout outs to all my friendly Liat staff for sorting me out all summer ... love you guys.

Lucia BB swag sorted and I’m still running hard from Sunset Very Strong Rum as my Vincy friends get warmed up (see Vincy Mas 2011 Coverage). Bar-b-que chicken and potato salad... yes please! Okay, stop twisting my hand... Vodka and Cran is fine.

J’Ouvert starts around 3AM, but this year we’re doing it a little different. We going to check out Red Unlimited Red Eye J’ouvert fete at Indies (free for all Red Unlimited masqueraders), skip J’Ouvert, and rest up to hit Monday Mas early o’clock ... no repeat of last year’s “40 Days Later” scene (see St. Lucia Carnival Monday 2010 Review).

With TJJ’s Frenchie getting his beauty sleep, it was my Vincy homegirl Adonia and I rolling tonight, and I swear my watch read 2AM when we entered Indies. The dance was full of Red revelers and not forgetting the sexy Red Army ladies commanding the upper level with bottles of NUVO in the mix.

From what I recalled, Hyper D kept the musical vibes pumping hard for the majority of the night, and did one hell of a job keeping the crowd energized. He buss a wicked pop/dance/hip-hop set, before switching back to soca... and after mixing Lil Rick’s 2010 “Go Dung” with 2011 hit “Work” ... session gone clear! Dance was hot n’ sweaty ... just how it should be at Carnival!

This fete was on like boil corn ... and I’m not including the bess “Welcome to St. Lucia” wine I received. Whoever you are... Thank you! I will look for you on the road.

Minutes to 6AM and dance still pumpin’ ... but it’s time for TJJ to buss d caution tape. A box of jerk chicken and fries with a cup of golden apple juice has my name written on it in Rodney Bay Village.

Ready for Carnival Monday,
Daddy Juice aka The Carnival Ref

ps. TJJ Carnival Guidebook:- Chapter 12; section 4. Going to the movies during any carnival week is strictly prohibited (and highly unadvised). You may lose your carnival privileges for respective carnival.

>> View Red Eye J'Ouvert Fete 2011 Gallery
>> View St. Lucia 2011 Carnival Coverage