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Rum 2 - Angostura Rumland 2011 Review
By Audrey aka Heart Attack Juice
Published on 07-Aug-11
Today we’re taking you to a place where alcohol doh walk...We're taking you to Angostura’s Rumland. So jump in the TJJ jet and let’s GO!

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Today we’re taking you to a place where alcohol doh walk...We're taking you to Angostura’s Rumland. So jump in the TJJ jet and let’s GO!

D’ Young Juice picked me up around 6ish, and by that time all good parking spots were gone. As a matter of fact, all parking, pavement, side road, any piece of grass, concrete where a car/truck could fit, was full. At that point I seriously was thinking it was a hot mess and that Angostura should have known better. Well I should have known better because they did think about parking issues, because as we parked and stepped out the car, there was a shuttle driving in the area to take patrons to the venue. Kudos to the organization team. That was well thought of.

I must say that not having been at last year’s Angostura's event, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Rumland. So I was happily surprised to see that I had walked into a carnival (Circus), and God knows how much I just love carnivals. From the cotton candy, to popcorn, to games (by the way … yours truly nailed the dartboard and ring toss! Next time I will try to venture in the mechanical bull section), to fortune tellers everything was there... only better, in grown up version... with RUM! And God knows how much I love meh rum too!

As I walked in, guided by my Rumland map - did I mention they thought of the map?? I went straight to the important spot first: 1919/1824 Rumcantation Zone located near the stage. Sounds good right? Well after having some Rum flavoured brownies and having some 1919 it all seemed even better.

The party was looking good. Music was pumping with Dil-E-Nadan performing on the stage, and although the place was packed, you still had room to move around.

I took this opportunity to browse around from this point. The food court offered choices for everybody, there was Japanese cuisine (sushi included), Gyros, BBQ and much more. I liked the idea of giving me some rum flavoured cotton candy, and rum flavoured caramel popcorn! I think I must have put on a couple of pounda with the food alone! Not even mentioning the Hagen Daaz ice cream. As for the bar, they were packed with all the Angostura rum you can think of, you had White Oak, Puncheon, Single Barrel, 1919 etc.

The next artist to perform was Machel Montano. Every time I see Machel performing on stage, the show is different with the exception of their main ingredient, a crazy dance routine. This definitely keeps that element of freshness to their act. The whole HD family was on the stage for about an hour, and was followed by KES the band. As usual Kees and his band were very eclectic and didn’t only have soca in their repertoire. I think it was the nicest way to end this event.

In all honesty, time was flying so fast that I have no idea how long Kes stayed on stage. And before I knew it the riddim section was there and the night was over. At this point I'm wondering how after all this rum, will I be able to make it to work in the morning?? Well, I guess I just might have to call in sick! Rumland was 100% worth it and will definitely see me next year!

-Heart Attack Juice

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