I am cosmopolitan and intimate. I exist in the hearts and souls of all. I stir emotions, fuel life, passion, energy and love. I remove darkness and transform when I cleanse and purify. Through me the world changes, I move the body and free the mind. Though an agent of destruction, I am a source of renewal; I am wild and untamed. I rise with energy, and expand with vigor through every flicker of my flame. I illuminate paths that once were hidden, to bring forth knowledge and enlighten. I stand for change, courage and the right to freedom. Who am I? I am EXPLOSION! I am YOU!

The Explosion! band was founded under the concept of revolutionizing the carnival experience by offering our masqueraders with an Ultra-All Inclusive Carnival adventure. To bring this vision into fruition, we looked to you, our patrons to decipher what you desire and need from your carnival experience and make it your reality. Equipped with this knowledge our team designed a carnival adventure inspired by and created for you. Expect to be offered unique and innovative costumes, a plethora of surprises and giveaways, top-quality security and service; a truly ultra all inclusive experience. Patrons, prepare to change the way you envision carnival.... THE HEAT IS COMING!

Explosion Carnival invites you to Follow the Torch! It’s an exciting competition being hosted on our Facebook fan page.

Follow the Torch. It can be YOUR’S!!!!!

• In 30 words, describe “Your Ideal Carnival Experience” using words related to explosion such as flame, passion, bang, fire, energy.
• Upload your narrative to the Explosion! Carnival Facebook page.
• The person who receives the most ‘LIKES’ for their submission wins.

• Prize draw will be done on September 1, 2011 Results will be published on the Explosion! Carnival facebook page, September 2nd. Promotion runs from August 16- August 31, 2011.

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• Prize cannot be substituted for cash.