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Back Nine Review
By Jo-Ann aka Karamel
Published on 14-Aug-11
Torrential rain, approximately 800 people in the middle of a storm fetein under  tents……Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Torrential rain, approximately 800 people in the middle of a storm fetein under  tents……Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!

We almost over slept and missed getting to Back Nine on time but we made it.  Since it had been raining for some hours now, we were thinking the event would be cancelled but the memo went out that Thief Head Crew (THC) and Par 3 had us covered.  Yes we were heading to a golf course in the rain to fete.  Unheard of!!!!! Maybe it was the rain or we were still sleepy but missed the entrance for Marine Park Greens.  With all the torrential rain falling, it was hard to see anything clearly but we did not miss the sign saying Valet Parking or the friendly guy who was ready with a smile on his face parking cars. 

The space used for Back Nine was T shaped and covered in white tents throughout which was definitely a nice touch to add to the green back drop.  Upon entering the main tent, there were ribbons of cloth strewn thorough out the roof of the tent that was hung under black lighting which gave the space a nice look and feel.  Nice work guys.  I’m told this was all your doing and there was no outside help to decorate, kudos for your creative eye.  Beyond the main tent there was the bar, shots and food stations.  There were a variety of dishes from meatballs, pepper shrimp, jerk chicken, curry chicken, buss up, and sushi to name a few.  There was also someone grilling in the rain but I couldn’t tell you what it was because I was not about to find out in that monsoon.  But, it was definitely refreshing to not see the regular Sunday special being served in an all inclusive.  Picky Eaters well done job on the food and the selection.  However, what was with the dessert plates being used to feed people and the one piece of meat per dish?  Is big men and women you are feeding who knew they were going to an all you can eat and expecting such.  With those small plates you had to go back a second or third time for some in order to feel satisfied.  For those that ate, they definitely commented on how good the food was but at the same time they were not happy about the portions given.  

The dj was set up on a stage in the middle was grounds in the main tent which gave the dj an idea of how to gauge the crowd.  Chosen One, Quiet Storm and Notorious did the warm up segments which had the crowd in a very social state for an all inclusive but when GBM, Freeks 4 Soca and Sounds 4 Life came on a surge of energy went through the crowd.  Now the party started to get some life and people started letting loose.

The bar was definitely packed at this point and I have to say I felt bad for the bartenders.  Is now self everyone wanted a drink or two.  There definitely needed a second bar because it seemed like when the rain eased up the venue became packed and everyone headed straight to the bar.  Needless to say, the girls behind the bar needed more help and it showed in more ways than one.  From some of them giving patrons attitudes, to taking personal drink orders, and giving shot to their friends and not others that wanted to sample what was being served.  When this started happening and some of the members of THC heard what was going on they were in the bar making sure that patrons were being handled accordingly.  Great job seeing the guys getting in there to help out when needed.

For the most part, the crowd definitely came out well dressed despite the weather and it didn’t matter that we were in a storm the ladies brought out sandals, long dresses and I even spotted a few rain boots in the midst.  They came to prepared to fete and get their money’s worth.  But for those that had to use the bathroom, well that was another story in itself.  Trying to stand in line with an umbrella in the rain was a task, but when you have to go you have to go.  Kudos to those brave ladies that stood patiently in line to use the bathroom.  This might’ve been the only area that wasn’t tented, slight oversight but from the layout I didn’t see anywhere else that would’ve been appropriate to put the port-a-potty.

Despite the horrible weather, I have to say THC did a really good job making sure they did what was necessary to make sure their event went as smoothly as it did. Maybe if the weather had cooperated there might’ve been more food and drink tents but since the circumstances didn’t allow for this the guys still ensured that everyone could be as comfortable as possible.  It was also nice to see that their loyal fans brave the weather and came out to support.

Hopefully next year it’s nice and sunny and we will really see Back Nine at its best.

*This review was asked by members of THC to be as raw and honest as possible as they “want to produce a better fete next year for their patrons”, you asked and we produced.  In no way do we intend to hurt anyone’s feelings but we like to be honest as we like to party and know what we want when we party.*

Thank you THC for inviting TJJ to cover Back Nine, see you at the next event.


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