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SIlent Morning NYC Breakfast Boatride 2011 Review
By Jo-Ann aka Karamel
Published on 14-Aug-11
Between the thunderstorm and heavy rain it was hard to get out my bed to make it to a 7am boat ride even though it is Silent Morning we are talking about.

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Between the thunderstorm and heavy rain it was hard to get out my bed to make it to a 7am boat ride even though it is Silent Morning we are talking about.  Yes the ride was practically sold out before tickets even went on sale but we had to do whatever necessary to make it to this ride.  Around 7am, a bbm blast went out by Back to Basics and NYCaribbeanVibes saying “Silent Morning still on 2 floors indoors”.  Kudos for keeping the masses informed timely.  With confirmation that everything was still a go, we were headed to The New York Princess.   Rain or shine we were ready to sail.

As we reached the pier, we were skeptical thinking we had just missed the boat because there were no lines and that is usually not the case, but we spotted a few regulars running in the rain to the boat so we knew we didn’t get left.  Security and ticket check were all done on the lower level of the boat and this is where I was shocked.  The boat was packed!!!!!  As West Indians we are so wicked to ourselves.  Where else in monsoon type weather can you be certain to find a packed boat at 8am?

Decked out in rain boots, umbrellas, rain coats, heels, shorts and sandals, men and women all alike were rushing to get dry and their party on.  There was a nice complimentary breakfast set up that consisted on Dunkin Donuts coffee, ham, roast bake, salt fish, eggs and accra.  The lines were not too long; everyone seemed friendly, patient and ready to have a good time.   Now, the bar that was where everyone wanted to be as all three bars were packed with people just wanting a shot of something to warm them up.  Freeks 4 Soca was doing a great job of keeping everyone in a party mood and making us forget that we were soaked and up way too early.  The vibe was set and the pace only got better from that point.

Yes the boat was scheduled to leave at 8am but due to the weather and some out of towners being stuck on the highway, the promoters kept us informed that they were sorry for the delay and that we would be leaving shortly.  I don’t think anyone really cared that we were still at the pier because with the nice vibes and music, everyone dancing and having a good time, it was hard to believe we were not moving.  However, sometime close to 11am the boat left the dock and we were sailing.  Well, the ride was nice before but now, we were going to a whole other level.  Back to Basics, Dr. Wax and Natural Freaks kept the vibe going and somewhere in the midst of the packed boat a Congo Line was spotted.  Yes, everyone was PARTYING HARD and getting on WOTLESS while they JONES and WUK UP. 

Furthermore, Kes again dominated and when “Show Meh Whey Yuh From” came on the boat started rocking and it was not from the water.  From start to finish Silent Morning had a momentum that would not quit and the climax was that we were able to sail for almost 3 hours.  What more can we ask for?  Silent morning was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

The weather definitely made a lot of ticket holders stay home but for those that made the trek it was clear that they had a great time, rain and all.  Thank you NYCaribbeanVibes and Back to Basics for giving us a great boat ride and ensuring our safety at the same time.  TJJ looks forward to your next event.

-Karamel K

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