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Saturday 13th August we went to Anchorage to celebrate a night dedicated to DRINKS! DRINKS and more DRINKS! So the question left for you is...Got Drinks?

Around midnight is when the majority of the crowd started pouring in with their coolers, given the Anchorage venue wasn’t totally ram out...the patrons that were there created soooo much VIBES!! All 3am Vibes cyahhhh done.

Committee members were circulating the crowd with free shots of all kind of mixes... Hmmm Got Drinks?? There was no doubt about it dis cooler party was drinks GALORE.....

DJ’s Speedy & De Gannes had the crowd RAVIN’ and FIST PUMPING with their glow sticks...people jump on stage swear we was in Jersey Shore!! Lolol Also, had bessss dancehall mixes and sweet soca to wine and get on WOTLESS too...Other DJ’s lined up were DJ Dane and Hollywood Sachy, Rapid Response , Hurricane George just to name a few.

Overall, Got Drinks? Cooler Party had some great vibes and people from what I saw were having a great time... Good Job Limitless Entertainment thanx for inviting the TJJ fam.

Pink Juice aka Sade

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