Thursday, September 1, 2011; Kingston, Jamaica: With tears in her eyes, Digicel Rising Stars’ resident Judge Tessanne Chin said goodbye to the 8th season of the show on Sunday August 28.

“I’m saying goodbye, but it’s not forever, it’s a see you soon.” Tessanne said after her last show.

“I’m going to Japan for six week on a cultural exchange to represent Jamaica with our music our dance and our culture. I am really, really honoured to be a part of this exchange, but I have to tell you I am so gonna miss Digicel Rising Stars. My heartstrings are totally tugged right now.” Tessanne confessed teary eyed.

“I’ve grown so attached to everyone, especially the contestants, and it is an honour to be a part of this amazing show.”

When asked how she felt about the remaining five contestants, Tessanne was diplomatic: “Jamaica has picked their Top 5, and the people know what they want, and as long as they continue to give the people what they want it should be an amazing show.”

Before leaving, Tessanne was sure to give the Top 5 her expert advice: “I do really want the remaining contestants to just focus on not just singing songs, but being an artiste and bringing themselves to a song versus a person singing someone’s song.

“I am very proud of them so far and I will be watching from Japan!” she said laughing

“We're trying to arrange some sort of a Skype link for the last show, I don’t know how possible it’s gonna be, but I'm definitely gonna try and record something and send it. It hurts my heart that I won’t be here for the finale.”

Tessanne says goodbye but not for long as she promises to be back for Season 9. Tessanne is replaced as resident Judge by the blunt Conroy Wilson for the remainder of Digicel Rising Stars’ Season 8