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World renowned ATI weekend from my eyes, the story unfolds here on Trinijunglejuice.com.

While standing in Piarco Airport Trinidad, I was singing, WELCOME TO JAM ROCK! With a big smile on my face! I’m going to Jamaica for the first time and my ATI (Appleton Treasure Island)weekend pass in hand.
Young juice Yohann made sure I had a camera for this trip, so yuh boy is ah camera man in JA.

After arriving at Norman Manly international airport in Kingston, its Friday morning  July 29th ,staying in Terra Nova hotel, enjoying buffet style Jamaican breakfast ,where I had my first Akee and salt fish, fried dumplings and festival yummy! It lash as we Trinbagonians does say! 

So we jumped in our tour bus on our journey to Negril, where Appleton Treasure Island (ATI) awaits the team. Onboard the bus we had the Hennessey girls, Appleton region manager, and crew from T&T so from early up, I asked the driver nicely to play Macheal Montano 2011 album, cooler onboard with bottles of Appleton VX, that’s when 1 was reminded ATI weekend is here.

After passing a sign saying welcome to Negril we all saw signs of ATI effects, fine ladies, lots and lots of Jamaican Jerk vendors and Appleton signage.  After checking into Breezes resort, we headed off to ATI first event called Naked (Miami hottest) and the name speak for itself, from the entrance to inside the party was pure vibes and great energy, I was really amazed and please note all events at ATI is all inclusive so before taking photos, I had myself a few cups of Appleton and coke and a portion of jerk wings. The dj’s was really hyped and had the crowd asking for more with all the hit summer songs they played and special ATI dub plates. It was a very safe a fun loving crowd.

During the day on Saturday 30th we got to visit the Appleton Rum estate which helped me learn why I love this rum so much. Once in Jamaica visitors should all try to get this exclusive tour.
On Saturday evening after the tour, it was time for another ATI event called Pretty In Pink (Girl Power) held at Cosmos Negril, now I’m thinking, do I have any pink clothes in my suitcase? NOPE!!
The team pulled up to the entrance and pink was everywhere, from patrons to the decor, This party would have to be my personal favourite. A pink party on the beach loaded with people and mad mad energy in all corners of this event, really made me say wow!  Renaissance Disco did a fantastic job displaying their raw talent Jamaican style.

After Pretty in Pink we moved higher up to another ATI event called Colours Beach Jouvert at Long Bay beach park,  I must say you need to be fit for this weekend or you lose out.  Back on the sand jouvert style with females in skippy and hot shorts dancing wining and jumping to some soca that played.  

My last night was on Sunday 31st event called Stages by this time my camera battery had died and was my time to party hard. On this night they had fires works display and Chinese lanterns floating into the sky. I must say it was my first ATI and I would be back with the Trinijunglejuice team for ATI 2012.

An event with a lot of positive energy and really nice people all mingling in sweet Negril for ATI Appleton Treasure Island

Thanks to for having us at ATI weekend in Negril, it was a great experience, we  would definitely be back next year with a bigger team for more coverage and Jamaican fun in the sand.

-Rene M.

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