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Shipwrecked All Inclusive 2011 Review
By Sidney aka Scorn Juice
Published on 27-Aug-11
Incognito UK should really be bigger by now ... yet ... something is still missing ...

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Incognito UK should really be bigger by now ... yet ... something is still missing ...

Not just because they delivered some of the most memorable ideas both good and bad in the only all inclusive party in London for Notting Hill Carnival 2011 (even if it was as simple as an all time classic movie playing on a projected screen during the party); No!!! – it’s because they possess the ideas, they want to construct their ideas successfully, they want to see their ideas carried out, they carry themselves with a particular lithe, some of them have a sensitive charisma with more value than simply fuelling party-goers fantasies and finally some of them are just down-right simple. A winning formula within any party promotional company.

So it’s a buzz to see Incognito UK own the Saturday of Notting Hill Carnival Weekend - A Real Buzz! They came up with the idea of having that all-inclusive spot and albeit this is their fifth (5th) year (really 4th and for the rest of the review I shall say four (4) years) and counting they have maintained the idea of "Shipwrecked" ... Lost ... In A "New" Place ... We have been Shipwrecked ... just LOST ... We Have been Shipwrecked Lost In Asia ... We have been Shipwrecked Lost In Africa ... and 2011 we are still Shipwrecked but this time we are Lost In Arabia. Please draw your memories back to when we were still on the Island Of "Hawaii" wearing Hawaiian Skirts and Shirts and having a great time at Luau ... (some might want to forget that ever happened). Patrons definitely love the idea of "Shipwrecked" and actually it has been a household name for anyone attending the All Inclusive event however, two thoughts come to mind:
  • Where will we be "Shipwrecked" next year; and
  • After we have been "Shipwrecked" everywhere ... THEN WHAT!??!?!
On the true colour of an all inclusive, there is nothing that Incognito UK could have done except provide the venue, the drinks, and the food. At this point in time I will have to say that although there were some disappointing elements in these three categories, I feel sheer joy to say that the good out-weighed the bad in these categories ... BUT ... More like good versus bad in a 100m final and good wins the race by 0.01 seconds.
Venue: The Green Room  is wonderfully located in Shepherd's Bush and I will have to agree, Yes, very easy to find. Simply and Beautifully decorated by Incognito throughout the venue, the size of the venue was splendid and compounded by the wonderful layout of two high rises on each side and low level huge layout which formed the "main" dance floor. Now ... Location Location Location ... especially in London ... comes with Rules Rules and more Rules. Why choose a venue when at 10:30 PM if not before, there were complaints about noise disturbance hence the bass in the music pumping from the speakers had to be turned off ??? It was noticed, however, it did NOT stop the party from pumping!!!

Food: Sticking to their theme of "Shipwrecked in Arabia" obviously the food will have to have some sort of Arabic touch to it and maybe one will think yes ... Indian Cuisine. Food - the main meal - was INITIALLY served somewhere between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM, with stints of food finishing and the food trays closed up, sometimes certain dishes finished so patrons were only privy to some and not all. Drama, Drama, Drama! I guess entertainment always needs drama ... especially in a Caribbean circle. Finger food however sufficed tonight and I will applaud Incognito for keeping the finger food serving for the entire night. Complete with some rushed food at the end ... at least food gets to enter patrons stomachs to soak up whatever alcohol is present in there.
However, I am going to make a recommendation here and I hope the promoters of Incognito read this and take it on board: in 2009, present at your party, ON TIME at 5:00PM, PROMPT, food was kept warm, food was always being served 'til possibly one hour before the event ended, were some lovely Chinese caterers even dressed in your fun mas costume that year. I, and I am not alone, strongly and highly recommend that you hire those caterers again - the mere fact that their food was SIMPLE, served EASILY in a TAKE OUT BOX ... you could stand and party and eat at the same time ... Rice, Vegetables, Chicken, Beef & Noodles ... SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No One Complained ... NO ONE!

Drinks: Most important aspect of ANY all inclusive is the Bar. There are aspects of a bar that MUST be present in an all inclusive and I shall run you through them now

   1. Stocked with essentials Rum, Vodka, Scotch & Baileys and more ... Poison IS Poison ... Shipwrecked!!!
   2. Bar Staff: Friendly & Numerous ... Shipwrecked!!! (Although some could not cope with so many Alcoholic Caribbean People - AND THAT IS A FACT!)
   3. Measures of Alcohol Served Should be at the patrons Discretion and NOT at the Bartenders Whim and Fancy ... Disappointed Shipwrecked!!! .... Serving people single shots was rubbish ... When asked to put more in the glass the bartenders said "I am not allowed to serve you more" ... "Can I have a Second Drink Then" ... "Sure" .... Uhmmm ... Does Anybody Else find this A Bit Unintelligent?
   4. People Passed Out With Two (2) to Three (3) hours still left on the party's scheduled time? ... SHIPWRECKED!!!! ... With mostly a corner or a chair as a proposed bed so that these individuals can rest their heads and evaluate mentally ..."Oh No What Went Wrong" ... It is definitely a sign of a great night ... or maybe a medical examination to evaluate if you are capable enough to handle the liquor.
   5. Bar must finish ... Drinks must end ... Never Ending Supply ... Hmm ... I do not even know how to exclaim ... I am not sure how and when certain alcoholic beverages stock depleted however, all I can say is that ... I did not hear anyone complain "Oh This Done" "Oh That Done" "What The Hell How That Go Done" ....

After discussing the elements which can be controlled by Incognito UK, we have to discuss the element which only the DJs at this event could provide. Without single handedly highlighting any particular set as a great set or the best set of the night - the DJs on the night played the best they can play - I must say. People's hands were in the air, patron's were gyrating, patrons were "jonesing and wukking up" ... what more can you ask for? Endless screaming and pumping dry humping - they were all VERY PRESENT at this event. Purposeful making out, holding onto the tables for support, or even stealing a wine at the bar was also showing their beautiful faces. Drive-By wining is still a crime in London however at Shipwrecked it is very much legal and tolerated, in reality, this sort of social behaviour is accepted with loving and open pelvises. What I am trying to say is without a doubt and with all the "negativity" of other aspects - the vibe in this party and for the last four (4) years will always be unrivalled as some of the best vibes in any Caribbean event in London especially around the Notting Hill Season.
One can safely say that if you are planning to attend any event on Saturday afternoon/evening then this kick-ass all inclusive is definitely the one to attend, but it is disappointing that Incognito UK still cannot sort out the minor issues which would make this All Inclusive an event any other promoter would envy. I would love to see this party succeed, I would love to see it do well, I rather not compare it to any "made" all inclusive and rather give it its own rating, its own facts and report so let me make it simple and to the point:
1. Spend more time on finding a venue which you have (a) licence to play lound music, (b) space to roam and mingle and (c) easy to find and easy to access. Your best venue was "The Firestation" .. You had issues with Cable Club in terms of size and we have issues with The Green room in terms of noise pollution which other than that was a PERFECT venue!!!! No one could complain about that venue!;
2. If not for the difference in name "Lost In Arabia" is definitely a sequel to "Lost In Africa" and quite similar ... *take that how you want!*;
3. Incognito had great quality DJs at your event and will always have great quality, first class DJs at their event! Do not change!
4. The food issue remains unwarranted and always an issue globally in any all inclusive I think, however, I stick to my recommendation of the Chinese Restaurant from 2009 and yes have a dish that would match the theme but if that fails (which it tends to) ... the Chinese Restaurant will always pass!
5. The Bar Was WELL Stocked. No Complaints! But It is an all inclusive ... the barman is NOT allowed to tell the patron how much they can have! ... that is pure RUBBISH! "What Kind Of Water Down Drinks I Drinking Here" ... words on the mouths of many ...
6. Always attracts wonderful people at their events, always full of life, full of vigour, entertainment ... and style ... never fails ... four years and running ... single people could definitely hook up at Shipwrecked ...
7. Still worth £50.00 in my books especially living in London - even if you had three (3) water down single drinks in any club - that is half your money spent already - and lets say £10.00 for the plate of food and £15.00 "entry" ... and lets not forget those who came early - got a glass of champagne ... there is no way in hell anyone who LIVES in London could complain about the price of this party. If you do ... you just down right cheap!
Shipwrecked 2011, Lost In Arabia, could have been a better party, and it will always have negatives and positives but I am glad to report this party your positives out-weighed the negative, NOT by much, but definitely better than Shipwrecked 2010, Lost In Africa, and no-where near close to Shipwrecked 2009, Lost In Asia ... I am sorry ... I cannot remember Shipwrecked 2008, "LOST"! .... That notwithstanding, if you missed this party, you missed an element of Bliss that you could have turned into sheer orgasmic excitement for yourself, depending on your skills, vices and your poison. If you missed it, DO NOT MISS THE NEXT ONE ... Besides, Alladin had three (3) wishes ... who knows how many you could have had in Shipwrecked!!!!!!
-Scorn Juice
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