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With so many different Caribbean bands on the road for Notting Hill Carnival on the Sunday, the biggest question on the minds of any "J'Ouvert" Soca Loving Junkie is ..... "Who Do I Play 'J'Ouvert' With?"

With TJJ on the road for Notting Hill 2011, we were all over the place and we shall call this Vantage Point Day 1:

***** Notting Hill Carnival 2k11!! We startin’ it with some dirty mas dey one tiiime. Phresh Juice on the road with ABIR, splashing ‘The Colours of Life’ throughout the West London area. Smaller in numbers this year, breaking away from Cocoyea and joining forces with Burrokeets UK, but still moving with BIG vibesss.. Certainly one of the better experiences on the Sunday at Notting Hill and probably the only time you will see so many adults acting like children and making a total mess with paint!! LOVE IT!!!! Big things in the future for this group.. great people, great time, great vibe. Looking forward to what’s in store for next year fo sho!

Later in the day, no doubt, had to make a pass by the PURE LIME (Chocolate Mas) CREW. Another group doin’ it big in the dirty mas… and again, these big people putting the kids to shame with all the playfulness goin on with d’ chocolate. Certain people looked well soused by the time I reached, but everyone seemed to have had a good day and enjoyed the Pure Lime experience. As expected..

Forget the riots.. Is Carnival!!

All in all, a bessss day with no trouble. Respect to d Babylon for being there to make sure things ran smoothly. 

Phresh Juice

*** Posh Juice disguised as Foxy Cleopatra, Scorn Juice transformed into a leprechaun and myself, Daddy Juice, as myself were once again on the move in London town.

The Notting Hill Carnival spirit wasn’t as strong as previous years but the one thing you can always count on is “Chocolate Mas” on carnival Sunday to get the action started. Although there are two chocolate bands on the road now, Pure Lime is the original and will always be #1 in TJJ’s books. 5 years on the road with Pure Lime and not once I’ve seen any of their revelers go home unsatisfied.

All your usual elements are there … great music, nice people, food and drinks (inclusive) together with the sweet chocolate, but it’s the intimate experience that set this band apart of the rest. For the most, it’s like one big happy family. As I stood watching the band do a synchronized palance as instructed by the DJ, but lead by TJJ’s very own leprechaun, I could only think that there’s nothing better than to share good memories with some of your favourite people at carnival time.

As the day was winding down, it was nice to see that efforts were being made to continually apply chocolate on revelers throughout the day – and yes, it’s Chocolate Mas, so there’s nothing as too much chocolate in my mind. On that note, I think I’m going to trade in my camera for a bucket of chocolate. Pure Lime, please e-mail me your “Chocolate Applicator” application ASAP.

Dre aka The Carnival Ref

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>> View Notting Hill Carnival 2011 Sunday Gallery
>> View Notting Hill 2011 Carnival Coverage