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The lights, colors, layout,  truss, colored neon fabric and girls dressed in carnival costumes, this was CRAVE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the colorful strobe lights, to the neon fabrics strewn throughout the venue and the massive truss.  Natalie's and Sunstar's creative eye transformed C Pac into something unbelievable.  C Pac recieved the magic touch and you no loonger felt like you were in a yard.  It was very refreshing to see how the carnival spirit came alive just with the decorations which had an added touch with the girls dressed in costumes who were seen greeting patrons at the door as well as roaming through the entire party.  

There was a mellow vibe when we got there.  Everyone was going to the bar, buying their setups, and socializing with friends.  Pantirn Vibes came on asked the crowd fill up the middle of the truss where the dance was and had the crowd in the carnival frame of mind.  Dr. Wax, Back to Basics and Sound 4 Life also followed and kept the patrons tapping their feet then Blaxx, the surprise for the night definitely made sure the crowd was moving.  With hits like Tante Woi and Dutty Crew the crowd was ready for the road.

Bake and shark, corn soup and jerk chicken compliments of DJ Bird and the fully stocked bars made trips to boths station locations effortless. 

The bar staff nicely dressed in their white tube dresses with CRAVE written on the side gave service with a smile.  There was never a long wait for drinks which is almost unheard of in any party much less labor day weekend. 

-Karamel K.

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