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When TJJ arrived at the venue the party-goers were trickling in ever so slowly. For a brief moment I thought it was about to consider the fete a buss but, even though it wasn’t a wall to wall packed party, the Bananas die-hards refused to disappoint… Before long the scene looked good and everyone was excited to see Trinidadian artists ‘Nebula868’ hit the stage.

As is usual, it was a young, trendy and sexy crowd. Most weren’t into being photographed on this particular night. Still, they wasted no time getting down to the business of partying hard. The in-house DJ’s kept the vibe in check until it was time for the guest artists were welcomed on stage and man, did they deliver.

Noteworthy! It was hard to not enjoy yourself with these guys on stage as they fed a little of everyone’s taste. Dropping some hip-hop, dancehall and even some techno…yes, techno! It was a short performance but somehow, didn’t seem rushed. The two man team had the crowd wining and fist-pumping the next, effortlessly.

Mucho thanks to Ryan Alcantara and his team for letting TJJ check out their scene and to Bobby for letting me sip (as he put it to the bartender) “whatever he wants!”

-Tall Glass Ah Juice

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