Miami Beach, FL (September 21, 2011) Due to a scheduling conflict, the Caribbean American Civic Duty Award Luncheon to honor Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll on October 6, 2011, has been postponed. Lt. Governor Carroll is the first female and first Caribbean-American to hold this office. The Luncheon benefactor, the Mocko Jumbie Youth Stilt Dancers is under the direction of Mr. Vernon Brooks who founded the organization to maintain Caribbean culture and support community youth.

The Mocko Jumbie Youth Stilt Dancers' annual VI and Caribbean-American Reunion and Festival will take place on October 8, 2011, 12pm-10pm, at Miramar Regional Park. Partnering with the Police Athletic League (PAL) Miramar, FL, the Festival's theme "Kids Are Important" will include kids events, basketball league competition, along with Caribbean food and entertainment.

The Caribbean Media Network, and any of the Caribbean Media Network affiliates, Mocko Jumbie Youth Stilt Dancers, and Director Mr. Vernon Brooks, are not affiliated with any political organizations. For additional information, contact the Caribbean Media Network, Ms Loretta Green-Williams at 510-586-9955 or Michael Thomas 770-875-3167.