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Rhythmatic with Gavin Herlihy (Get Physical, Cocoon) Review
By Liz aka Posh Juice
Published on 24-Sep-11
Posh Juice's Top Ten Things you need to know about ... 

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Posh Juice's Top Ten things you need to know about Rhythmatic tonight!!!

1- The crowd is ever revolving like a magic trick... leave the room and come back 5 minutes later and it's like the whole place changed...amazing!!! where did they all go ??? Rest assured each revolving round of party rockers included at least a few top hotties...male and female!!! Every day I'm shufflin'!!!!

2- The DJs know how to rock a foot will be tapping, your waist will be rolling and your hands will be in the air guaranteed!!! Tonight's treats included  Gavin Herlihy (Get Physical, Cocoon) ,Stathis Lazarides (Rhythmatic, Cavo Paradiso),Wesley Razzy B2B Davy(Rhythmatic) (Down_Under),Archie Hamilton (Rhythmatic, Moscow records)... forget the details, all you need to know is that this is banging house music at it's BEST!!!

3- Despite point 1 above, the ever changing crowd brings an AMAZING vibe each and every time, these Rhythmatic junkies are a) crazy b) sexy c) loads and loads of fun and d) did we mention crazy!!! LMFAO!!!

4- Be prepared to see various parts of people's anatomies...yep that's right, the vibe just takes some of us it seems...and some feel compelled to share themselves (literally) on camera...when people ask 'where has your TJJ card been lately?'....Let's just say we've moved beyond boobs and bumcees!!! *wink wink*

5- You are guaranteed to see at least ten couples literally snogging each others faces off...complete with full on face cupping, bumcee grabbing lavishness!!! Entertainment!!!

6- Double Trouble productions aka best twins in the business... provide top service at all times, these fun loving twins are here to make sure you have a good time, over and over again!!!!

7- You will meet random strangers, and learn some new Lingo...if you are from London, just know you will be ready for the new series of TOWIE...If you are not from London, google will soon get the idea!!! If you hear people talking in what appears like a foreign language...fear not, it's just the East London/Essex vibes...Bristol's, jubbly's, Sort, Reem, Reemer and Walnut are words to describe this crowd...and if you don't know what we know, get your ass here!!!

8- Cargo is a top venue in and out...funky disco lights, smoke, banging music system to make your whole body vibrate, BBQ area, awesome bars, the last of the summertime vibes !!! *sigh*

9- Despite point 8 beware of the toilets ... Ladies choose your shoes carefully, nuff said!!!

10- Rhythmatic just rocks... If you haven't yet attended, get yourself down to the next one and be part of this ever revolving, magic, crazy, Reem and sexy Crowd!!!!

Posh Juice...Get up, get down, Put your hands up to the sound...Sorry for Party Rocking!!!!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View ★★Rhythmatic with Gavin Herlihy (Get Physical, Cocoon)★★ Gallery