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I wish I was 10 years old again, a little girl in Trinidad and Tobago who is going to learn about wild animals in Africa by watching a movie in 3D in IMAX theater.

Who wouldn’t like this? Instead of boring geography class I would go to IMAX theater with my classmates and learn about space stations and astronauts wearing my huge 3D glasses. 

And it is not a dream. It is the possibility available for today’s youth, thanks to the dreams of the grown ups who brought the first in the Caribbean IMAX Theater experience to Trinidad and are fully supported by companies like Atlantic, The Western Hemisphere’s largest processor of Liquefied Natural Gas. This company’s aspiration is to:

  ‘inspire and enable our people in delivering global pace-setting performances, creating opportunities now and for future generations’. 

They do stick with their word and support E – generation, present- day children who benefit from today’s use of natural gas by sponsorship of IMAX Educational Initiative.

It will provide access to innovative documentaries and educational films for all the schools.  While underprivileged schools can apply for specially created grant to enable them to enjoy this state- of –the –art immersive experience. 

TJJ had pleasure to be present at this exclusive, early morning Official Launch of Educational Sponsorship of Digicel IMAX. After short, morning snack tasting and exciting moments of symbolic opening of the Educational Initiative, we headed to the screening room with this impressive looking, 40 by 70 feet" huge cinema screen. 

Mrs. Ingrid Jahra, co- founder and CEO of Giant Screen Entertainment Limited, expressed her appreciation for the sponsorship and also thanked Minister in the Ministry of Education, Mr. Clifton De Coteau for his presence at this event, who also took time to share his enthusiasm about this initiative. Head of Sustainability and Corporate Communications of Atlantic, Toni Sirju – Ramnarine gave speech on why Atlantic supports such projects believing that initiative such as this one will be ‘a gift that keeps on giving.’ 

After this interesting and optimistic speeches we were taken into space… ‘Space Station’ is the first-ever IMAX 3D space film from the IMAX library of educational movies and documentaries. It was just incredibly real !

Whoever thinks that watching 3D movie in Movie Towne and 3D in Imax is the same experience…is making a very big mistake !! Certainly, IMAX gives you one of a kind, unforgettable, immersive experience of a lifetime.

-Ania O.

>> View IMAX Educational Initiative Gallery