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Fire, Fire! In Me Wire, Wire! Aye-Yah-Yie, Oh-Yah-Yo!

It was the beginning of the 3rd week of the State of Emergency and 9 pm to 5am curfew in Trinidad & Tobago, but unlike the events of 1990 there was an explosion of a different kind in Port of Spain as the new Carnival Band Explosion set the World on Fire!

I would typically begin this review with “The Hyatt Trinidad ballroom was transformed into a colourful carnival inferno!” But that was furthest from the truth, as other than the digital media screen used as a back drop for the low but large stage, this space was simply lit dimly with all of the existing trappings of the Hyatt ballroom staring back at you in the face.  Unfortunately for this new group of mas producers this event appeared to be scaled down to a media launch, and which media launch would be complete without TJJ!

It was then time to put on my journalist hat on to find out exactly who is Explosion.  And so my investigative reporting began.  But after being snubbed by band representative Leah Gopaul, I was relieved to get all the answers that I needed from the always pleasant event coordinator Kimoy Attong.  She explained that Explosion was a new band backed by foreign investors where the product they are providing is an all in one package of airfare, hotel accommodation, party tickets and carnival costumes in the band explosion.  Kimoy explained that their target market is mainly foreign visitors for the C2K12 season.  She concluded that I would not be disappointed with the costume presentation.

With that said the stage lit and the show began!  The first thing that I must say was that no expense was spared in model talent as a minimum of 4 models took to the stage for every section to display multiple variations of the costume. And speaking of costumes most of them were very typical of the popular bikini & beads genre with little or no relation to their names ... but which band section ever has a relation to their names. Not really a deterrent ...

There were two exceptional sections Phoenix and Ken Rune.  Phoenix was a literal interpretation the mythical fire bird with red, orange and gold plumes.  While Ken Rune was a pretty gold, green and blue colour combination of feathers but looked more like an Aztec warrior than a Celtic warrior.  The most creative section of the night was Ahumare. With its asymmetrical cut metallic black monokini with NO beads and NO belt, and a 1920s finger wave vintage hat inspired head piece, Ahumare rebelled against the typical and was indeed avant garde!

In the end with a safe costume presentation and free drinks and finger food catered by the Hyatt, Explosion proved to be yet another alternative for C2K12.

Keiron was there… where were you?

>> View Explosion 2012 Band Launch 'World On Fire' Review