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After nearly a year since our last Kidology adventure, team TJJ are excited to be heading to FIRE tonight to check out the latest instalment from these fabulous house music junkies!!!  Arriving after midnight to a quiet club, we can't help but ask that million dollar question...What makes the ultimate party ? What ingredients do you need to include to make sure everyone a) attends and b) has a blast .. because let's be honest...once the vibe takes you that's all that matters!!! For our friends at Kidology London and Worldwide, it seems like all the ingredients are in place but yet somehow it wasn't quite enough to drag people in from the sunshine tonight !!!

Ingredient one: THE VENUE!! FIRE is a huge club, 4 bars, 4 rooms, stunning lighting, chill out area, sexy VIP bar, seconds from a tube and minutes from a parking spot...and the best sound system we have heard in years!!!!! You could positively feel the bass pumping through your veins ! Love it !!!  This venue had everything you would need for a club night of this Kind..apparently there was even a hot tub, can't believe we didn't find it!!! Definitely recommend!!!

Ingredient two- THE MUSIC!!! Bringing the best DJs from around the Globe...tonight's line up included Kidology's own fabulous Mark Wilkinson, who completely rocked!!! The main highlight was Harry Choo Choo Romero, fresh from the sunny Isle of Ibiza to bring us the best in banging house music...They also had Seamus Haji and the Sharp Boys to name just a few... with each DJ playing a full 2 hour set of hot and funky tunes!! Top music...check!!!

In our mind, everything needed to create the ultimate vibe was present, and for those that did attend they had a blast, arms in the air and smiles on their faces!! However, we don't know if it was the unexpected summer that kept people lazing around in the sunshine or the fact that Kidology have been away from the scene for almost a year but there was just not enough people present to really make the most of the awesome DJ line up, and the awesome venue...Peeps if you want the best in house music and underground club vibes.. tell your friends and your friends' friends and let's get Kidology pumping in London again !!!

C’mon people, we’re making it now
Yeah, yeah, yeah...LOVE LIFE!

Posh Juice... come on People!!!

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