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Grenada is clearly not only the home of 100,000 Jab Jabs, but to a quite unique Monday Night Mas.

Totally exhausted from Spicemas J’Ouvert, Carnival Monday day parade was a merely a 30 second flash in our memory as we took our lunch back to the media van to eat and rest up for tonight’s action ... Monday Night Mas.

This year saw the introduction of an extended route starting at Morne Rouge round-a-bout in Grand Anse (right down the road from our hotel, Spice Island Resort) which got lots of mixed reviews. Revelers (for the most) definitely seem to enjoy the longer distance to jump, wave and wine, but spectators on the other hand, felt it was too long of a wait for the arrival of the bands along the Port Highway and Carenage. And the generator of one of the parade’s lead truck breaking down, holding things up for over an hour, didn’t help the wait situation.

Surprisingly the vibes wasn’t as good as last. Don’t give me wrong, there were plenty vibes... but this year’s Soca selections on the road just seemed limited to like 2-3 songs on constant rotation. And revelers don’t appear to be a big fan of other island’s soca music when it’s Spicemas, making the DJs that actually try and mix things up life a little difficult.

Honestly, we think the original route (starting at Lagoon) was ideal, for both length and atmosphere (and hence the vibe), especially since the extended part of the route lacks the scenic settings of the Carenage. But if the new route stays intact, the solution is simple – camp out near one of the earlier judging points to enjoy the show with spectacular glowing OR join a band and enjoy the mas from start to finish!

Word has it that future plans for Monday Night Mas include a better effort at starting the parade on time, and finding "some form of engagement" for patrons awaiting the arrival of bands.

We have to agree with Senator Arley Gill, Grenada’s Minister of Culture, who says that Monday Night Mas is an asset and one of the unique features of Spicemas. And believe me; something about a sea of fluorescent wands waving in unity will captivate you. And yes, like we mentioned last year (see review) there is definitely nothing like it in the region.

Monday Nite Mas Results:-
2. Grenada Breweries Ltd
3. Grenada Bottling Company

Takin’ a Jump with ah Jab,
Daddy Juice aka The Carnival Ref

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>> View Spicemas Monday Night Mas 2011 Gallery
>> View Grenada Spicemas 2011 Coverage