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Eyes WIDE shut 7, Dj Hazzard's Annual Birthday Celebration party... is definitely an event not to be missed. I've attended every year but this was my first time I saw it thru the lens and if you saw what I witnessed you'd definitely want to keep your eyes WIDE open, not just for the next installment but also at all the beautiful people this DJ brings out...

There are parties in DC then there are events in DC. Difference you may ask? well some you just pick up and go and others you anticipate, prepare for, just excited to go for weeks..and this definitely was one of those events. you could tell by the crowd...all fashionable dressed with their hint of black. the ladies (and their were ladies, seems like this guy knows all of them or they came out to kno him lol) all looked stunning and the fellas, well the fellas were blessed to be in the building.

Sutra lounge is a gorgeous place, not the largest but the ambiance makes up for what it lacked in size. it's service was on point and not to mention the bartenders were all HAWWWT lol (kudos to the owners) . the only down fall of the lounge is its location, adams morgan (yea since u hear the name you kno). If you weren't parked and inside by say 1130 parking was pressure...but once inside you forgot all about that..

Vibes was good since I arrived. place was filled. not overly packed. Vibes was on point on the first level and a little chilled on the second so if you wanted to breeze out (#islandvoice) for a little you had that option to go upstairs..

This was a selective drinks inclusive and who tell them to do that? well it WIN.. As you came in you got a customized 'culture shock entertainment  dj hazzard bday' cup and had free range on the selected inclusive drinks. Found myself balancing a camera, a cup, and a sweet wine at one point..this was a great addition to the annual event and I hope it stays.

I was extremely content with the service.. not only were the employees at sutra pleasant but I found that culture shock entertainment members were all quick to assist.

The cost was 40usd in advance and 50usd at the door, which I found was a steal for selected drinks inclusive event..

- Algerson 'still needs a tjj name juice' Vincent 

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