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"I Don't Need To Try To Control You! Just Attend Luxe Life And They Will Own You!"

What would you give? What would you do? to attend an event where the people are Brilliant? The people are Lovely? Charismatic! Dynamic! Sexy! – Does this sound perfect?

That’s the question posed by myself everytime I attend Luxe Life: Yacht Party! I can simply describe this event as enjoyable; but I prefer to think "What if you never had any problems in the world for four (4) hours, where the music being played and the limitless alcohol being served enables party goers to access that part of their brain which allows bravery, excitement, euphoria and debauchery to take over their bodies?" ... WHAT IF!!!???

Headlining this event is the ever present and ever clear Yacht. Stylish, Spacious and Seductive painted in white and with two floors - you enter this yacht and as much as you have a painted image of what a "Yacht" looks like from the "Hollywood Glamour Movies" ... This Yacht is no different and it definitely gets a sexy notch from TJJ ... The layout alone is worth attending because your comfort levels will increase as you step foot aboard the Yacht. With any cruise, we obviousily do expect that the Yacht will sail ... However, this year, the heavens above blessed Miami with some torrential showers and the Coast Guard and other problems arose hence the boat never set sailed. Bearing that in mind, I shall point out now that whether the boat moved or not ... Luxe Life Will Always Have Vibes!!!!!!

Last year The Carnival Ref and myself attended the event and without failure we had a blast beyond the Dark of the Moon! This year, accompanied by Frenchie, we had to break him out and show him how a true Yacht Party is done in Miami - Carnival Edition Style! So location ... check! Camera ... check! Crew ... check! Here we go ....

Aboard the Midnight Sun (Albeit Painted In White), you cannot help but notice the beauty of the patrons. This is not a shabby event! This is not an event where you just put on any and anything! You dress to impress! The people that were not dressed to impressed ... shame! Females in their gorgeous outfits from fitted dresses, to long flowing dresses, (of course dresses showing skin ... sufficient skin to make you want to look more), to visibly stimulating tops accompanied with translucent trousers; the lack of underwear is always a plus on this Yacht as well ... by all jolly golly lord ... is this an abundance of beauty or what!? As always on Luxe Life, an intimate crowd was present, not large at all, but however, the boat was to its capacity!

Luxe Life Yacht Party was and will always be a fantastic afternoon out, but like the very best parties worldwide, the shine wears off when it’s over, leaving you rubbing your head and wondering why big chunks of the afternoon makes no sense at all. It’s one of those fun experiences that will never fall to scrutiny and a solid thoroughly covered piece of work.

Please be aware, Luxe Life is an addiction ... its a blast in your brain ... all the characters on the boat develop into themselves ... and you are guaranteed to leave on a cloud of euphoria that would be very difficult to come down from! If you were not here ... it is your loss ... I for one will be an advocate for this event ... every year ... even now I am still going through depression from this year ... believe it or not ... it gets better every year!!!

Luxe Life: Yacht Party .... PRICELESS!

Daniela, Rochelle & Jamilla ... TJJ loves you guys like fat kid loves cake ... We are so happy you kept it intimate and we still think we should host a Luxe TJJ Life Yacht Party for 2012 ... We promise to keep it intimate ... That is your divine power ... Your Mjölnir!!!!

I Am All She Needs ... I pin her to the wall, you know What I am Gonna Do ...
Amiel aka Scorn Juice

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>> View Luxe Life: Yacht Party 2011 Gallery
>> View Miami Carnival 2011 Coverage