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I have been waiting all year for Miami Carnival again! Soca is one thing I love in life and the excitement of Carnival Thursday was all about GIRL POWER! I was super anxious becaause I knew the line-up was impressive! Starting at 10 and going on till 5, the night was one of those that you can't explain, you just have to be there! LIVE performances, great vybz, great die-hard crowd, everyone getn on bad, palancing and singing along with the artists. If I have to do ONE event again for Miami Carnival 2012, I def recommend Girl Power as a TOP priority!!

Numerous amounts of people from all over the world. Venue was surprisingly big enough to hold the many who showed for one of the best LIVE soca concerts of the year!

The event was held at Calder Race Course and Casino. Location is easily accessible with VIP Parking available. The ambiance was great, everyone was there for the same thing, to have a good time and watch the best soca artists perform.  

Believe me when i tell you that they were AMAZING performances by all: Kes the Band, Machel and the HD Family, Patrice Roberts, Fay-Ann Lyons, Rudy, Nadia Batson, Talpree, Selena Serrano, Michelle Xavier & Lil Devyn! Hosted by: DJ Barrie Hype, Vanessa James & Vibesman Redman!

$40.00/ VIP $50.00

IslandsUnited put on a wicked show and chose a great selection of performers. Big Shouts to them and what they do in Miami!

- Coop

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>> View Girl Power Miami 2011 Gallery
>> View Miami Carnival 2011 Coverage