5 Minutes With Skinny FabulousFor all the Soca lovers, there was no other fete to be at to celebrate and give thanks than at "I Love Soca," brought to you by Dr. Jay and the K.O.S family. With sweet vibes all night and everybody's head bad, yuh know the St.Vincent and Grenandines sensation, Skinny Fabulous had to make an appearance! We were all "jumpin' on de spot.. on de spot!" when Skinny Fabulous mashed up the stage singing, "from night til mornin' we not leavin' cause we head bad.. we head bad!" Yuh on de mic? Good, because Mizz Kayz and Skinny Fabulous comin' through!

Mizz Kayz: What inspired you to write the song "On The Spot (Head Bad)"?
Skinny Fabulous: Actually it's about rum. I have a friend called Nicholas and when he gets drunk he says his head is "bad like storm". That's all he says, he doesn't say anything else! He just says, "boi meh head bad, doh touch me, meh head bad!" So that's where the idea came from.
Mizz Kayz: Haha! Sounds like when de TJJ crew out and limin'!

Mizz Kayz: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go, and why?
Skinny Fabulous: Amm... Heaven, because I know it's unheard of. I don't know where it is.

Mizz Kayz: What's your hidden passion?
Skinny Fabulous: Chocolate, definitely chocolate!
Mizz Kayz: Yummy! I loooove chocolate!!

Mizz Kayz: If you could be an instrument what instrument would you be?
Skinny Fabulous: Well yuh see, ah cyah say drum cause ah doh want no man beat me. Cyah say guitar, no man nah strum me.. Wuss trombone, no man nah blow me... naaaaaah man! Ah doh know nah.. meh cyan tell yuh that?
Mizz Kayz: (Laughing hysterically) Okay, is there any instrument that you just zone into when you're listening to a song?
Skinny Fabulous: I like rock guitars!

Mizz Kayz: When did you realize music was your passion? When did you feel it in your blood?
Skinny Fabulous: Amm, I realized it when I had a school assignment in secondary school. Everybody presented their assignments, just narrating and whatever ... and instead of that I sang my whole presentation!
Mizz Kayz: Wow! That's amazing!
Skinny Fabulous: Yeah, so yuh know meh head swell from that. I was like yeah, this is what I want to do.

Mizz Kayz: What advice or wisdom would you give someone who is passionate about music?
Skinny Fabulous: Be open but at the same time stick to what you love! Because a lot of people will try to prescribe the ingredients for success to you and you might find yourself straying from what you originally intended for your sound to be. The best thing is to stay true to your roots! If R&B is your roots, even if yuh do Soca, make sure you maintain that element of R&B within your style.

Mizz Kayz: How did you get the name, Skinny Fabulous?
Skinny Fabulous: Skinny is self-explanatory! (smirks) I'm 140lbs. I'm a walking skeleton, a walking x-ray! When I go to the doctor's office, they don't give me x-rays, they just look at me and say "Oh yeah, that's the problem right there!" The Fabulous part is a discovery factor. The ladies have to discover the fabulousness!

Mizz Kayz: This one's for the ladies... Boxers or Briefs?
Skinny Fabulous: Briefs.. 10 inch of steel!
Mizz Kayz: Hmmmm ... no comment!

Mizz Kayz: Saltfish or Fishcake?
Skinny Fabulous: (long pause) Saltfish for sure ... it have plenty juices!
Mizz Kayz: Ah like that answer boi!!!!!

Mizz Kayz: If you could choose one artist that inspires you who would it be and why?
Skinny Fabulous: One of my favourite artists is Lincoln Park. His music is soulful man. It's always dark, but it's meaningful. I like songs that like breaking the habit because breaking the habit represents coming out of that ... ammmm.
Mizz Kayz: Coming out of that shell that they're in?
Skinny Fabulous: Yeah, that submissive shell! We just break that habit and come out!

Mizz Kayz,
Representing the TJJ Canada Crew