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FRENZY started in TnT carnival in 2010, had its 2nd event in 2011 and the guys from TO linked up with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. crew in Miami to add this much needed upscale Soca boat ride to the Miami/Broward Carmival Saturday line up. The first thing you would have heard about this boat ride was that the boat never left the dock. But don't let that fool you - this party was ON!  Not having to contend with the rough waters being reported, it was up to the DJs to make waves and the way the had the crowd moving right up till the very end it wouldn’t surprise me if some people still got dizzy!!

There was plenty eye candy to make everybody sweet tooth itch. They came from Toronto, they came from DC, they came from Miami (of course), and they even came from Trini to be a party of the FRENZY.

With the Coast Guard grounding all boats in South Florida things were off to a slow start, cause you know folks does wait for that feeling of loss of balance as the boat pulls away from the dock. But, with a cast of Private Ryan, CIDee Sound, House Arrest and Earl “e Man” Pierre on the mic the vibes got tun up and we was rocking same way as if we were out on the open seas.  The Private Ryan/eMan combination  were at the helm for most of the time and they really had folks in a frenzy, pun intended.  Folks were calling the best BoatStay ever!!!! Our very own Original Lime Juice was feeling the vibes and displayed some dance moves for the folks, check the gallery we’ve got the pics to prove it.

Perhaps the menu could be expanded next year since the corn soup and doubles just vanish *poof*, guess folks came hungry!

There was a professional service staff on hand to ensure you were never thirsty- and they didn't look too bad either! :-). It was a cash bar on board with very reasonable drink prices, which would account for all the wobbly legs on a boat that never moved.  The boat was docked alongside a lil park in Ft Lauderdale on the Riverfront a few feet from a parking garage, so parking was easy and boarding was not a problem, nice and smooth.

This one WILL be sold out next year.  We can’t wait!  Thank you F.R.I.E.N.D.S. , CR Ent and Island Boyz!!!!

-Roopie, Party Mc Fly & The Appraiser

>> View FREnZY Miami - Boat Cruise 2011 Gallery
>> View Miami Carnival 2011 Coverage