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Oh gadooo!! From the slumber the jokey one has returned. Ready to give you all another entertaining review. Now I know you all missed me....GOOD!!! This curfew situation has me a little tame but one event I knew I could not miss, and for two reasons. Reason number one; it's a breakfast cooler cruise, and you know how I feel about my boat rides, and secondly, to celebrate the birthday of one of our well renowned local DJ, and friend DJ Assassin. If you weren't there you were actually what the name of the party was; M.I.A - Missing In Action. And now, to the review!

Now like I said earlier, this country's curfew does have us party goers under some strain, but the juice shall live on. I actually left my house as the clock struck 4 a.m to head to the venue. Well seeing that it's a birthday cruise as well, you know the jokey one had to bring some offerings. Who say Nuvo and Tequila?!

The crowd was vibrant and exciting from the parking lot all the way to the ship's inside even before the cruise begun. I myself took some wine on the side. Speaking of cruise, oh Treasure Queen, how I missed you. From your three levels of party space, to your warm and courteous crew members, and to the memories you create after every party I attend.

OK, to the vibe. One thing is for certain, the vibe was definitely present on this ride. Ice Box Entertainment walked with a blow torch on the ship because it was scorching. From the sexy ladies, to the great music provided by local DJs such as Merry Perry, Ryan Spartan, and my two partners in crime Stefon and Marcus from X-Bass, who might I add found ourselves playing old school ""eeny meeny miney mo"" to dance on ladies.....ah yes, those guys. DJ Assassin should have more than one birthday because this was one celebration that needs to be repeated.

Wait, how could I forget my accomplice Not Enuff Juice, who found herself after taking pics of the guys and gals present living it up like a rock star. Yes people, I'm training her, so look out because soon Not Enuff may becom Too Much Juice for y'all.

To those who were M.I.A at this glorious ride, on behalf of all committee members of the event and the TJJ family we would like to say.....HARD LUCK!! YUH MISS OUT! Must thank all committee members and Justin Singh (DJ Assassin) for having the juice present at your earth strong celebration. The Jokey one had a time. Also my little brother Stuart Telfer, Steffon X. Moore & DJ Marcus, see you all at the next project. The Jokey One has spoken, and was definitely not M.I.A at M.I.A

Salt N' Pepper

-Jokey Juice

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