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Another year and Ryan Sing Hon has brought his fans and supporters the ultimate jouvert theme party CHINA TOWN, held at Pier 2 Carpark Chaguaramas. I will give him, his props on creativity the event had no tickets to enter it was a bottle of paint, a range of colours yellow, red, blue and the list goes on.

On entry had level bamboo like CHINEE went into the forest for decoration... but it went along great with theme of the event. Walking in I spotted the stage and was ready to take full ADVANTAGE, because alongside had a big truck too.... The Dj’s had the music pumping and patrons had the paint flying..

As people embrace the music, good vibes, paint and the alcho, we had to take the heat. The sun was blazing hot OMG I got sun burn. Next time promoter give us sun block on entry too.  Thank God for the Cool Zone area and the snow cone man, people continue to Blaze the trail. The water truck man had perfect timing, It was like dancing in the rain with the water spraying all over and typical “trini behaviour” we jumping, wining and waving in the water, with cup in hand.

Like any event it had its ups and downs but it was a successful event. Looking forward to next year and any other future events from the promoter. 

-Butterfly Juice...

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