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Halloween is finally there, wear your best costume, do ur prettiest or scariest make up and let's party, muaahahahah
It's a long weekend down here in Martinique, and TJJ is there to show how the vibes is.

The partygoers came out in full force that saturday, even if the venue took time to be packed, after 1 o'clock, the ambiance started to pop.
Well lots of people as I was saying but noooooo halloween dress code has been respected ! No costumes, no make up, NOTHING AT ALL !!!! I know it's not really into the french culture to dress up for that occasion but come on !!!! I would have enjoyed to see some sexy girls taken by the halloween fever.
Just casual, and no style... BAD

The party took place in the extreme south side of Martinique. 2K Event & 2 Much Event welcomed us at La Dunette, a large and nice venue with an outdoor side by the sea. Not much decorations have been offered for the occasion, just some basic stuff, nice light effects and smoke...Accessibility was ok, but get there early of you don't want to park too far.

Vibes Vibes Vibes, yes always when you have DJ KLYNE and DJ GIL on track, good job my friends, the crowd loved your mixes, enough people wining, jumping, clapping their fingers.
It can never go wrong with them, all style and kind of music for your pleasure.

Not an all inclusive, so you done know, pay your drinks and it better be champagne Demoiselle.

The place was busy, but the Service was ok, with smile!Enough waiters to serve people.Good security in the street.

It was an interesting night but the Halloween concept totally failed, good music, people who like to party.
Next Halloween party pretty please...

-Anthony E.M aka De Camel

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>> View Halloween Party - 2K Event & 2 Much Event Gallery