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Oh yea! It's the weekend before Halloween yea! And you all know we cannot speak of Halloween without a Haunted Mansion. This is what Coco Lounge was transformed into that night. A meeting place for all the ghost and ghouls to party under the night light. It's a haunted S.O.E flex. On to the review!

Now that night was one night Trinbagonians wished the State Of Emergency was non-existent. Reason being the amount of people lined up outside the venue trying to get in, there was no way all persons could've been indoors before 11 p.m. I myself had some difficulties getting in not because of the space, but because of lack of space to pass to get through the doors. Anyway, now that the bad stuff is out of the way, let's deal with the event shall we.
I'm not going to sugar coat my statement, but the decor at this event was freaking awesome. With the turnout they got, it was well worth it. Well done Chameleon. From giant spiders, to cobwebs, to hanging ghoul ornaments......epic. Really brought out the haunted ambiance.

Now as I mentioned earlier, it was still curfew. So you know by 10:59 p.m whomever was on the streets will be charged by our law enforcers for breaking curfew time. For this I was really worried for patrons who wanted to attend because from the mass of people that were outside, there was no way they all were gonna be able to get in before 11 p.m. It got so bad that some patrons were even turned down on entry. Sorry folks, but maybe that will teach y'all about not being last minute.

The music and vibe never died throughout the curfew hours. DJ Code 9 had the crowd dancing to all the latest selections from dance-hall, to pop, to techno. What more do you want? The Jokey One was pleased.

Chameleon TT family always bringing forward something fresh. Must thank all committee members and Jah Rochard for having the TJJ there. Also happy belated birthday Jah. You know Jokey Juice is here for the Chameleon.

Salt N' Pepper

-Jokey Juice

>> View Haunted Mansion 2011 Gallery