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So it's Halloween weekend in New York City and there's no end to the list of events to attend. Choices range from xxxtremely nice to xxxtremely naughty. And Sugarcane's XXXtreme most certainly tops the list on the xxxtremely naughty side.

From sexy dancers in cages, to tantalizing mouthwatering dishes, this event was designed to stimulate the senses. And I eh even start to talk about the costumes as yet. Talk about XXXTREME!!!! From sexy cops and firefighters to playboy bunnies to a dominatrix 4-some, yes not a 3-some BUT a 4-some. Smh. People came out fully costumed and some went as far as taking on the role of character they were portraying. And the Academy Award goes to... but seriously, I must say from a photographer's standpoint, this was definitely quite an interesting event to cover.

There's something about people in costumes that always adds an element of fun, and creativity to an event.

Thanks again to Sugarcane Restaurant for having the TJJ family be a part of the XXXtreme naughtiness that night.

-Anika T.

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