>> View Halloween Mania @ Bananas Gallery

I was tempted to dust off last year’s tutu and face paint but opted to go as a TJJ photographer (mission accomplished). We made sure to get to the event early to catch glimpse and capture every party-goers costume… If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m talking ‘Halloween Mania’ @ Club Bananas.

The bar on these themed parties keeps being raised and it seems Halloween decides who’s ahead of the pack. By the looks of things, I’d say Bananas take win.

It was easy to forget you were in the usual ‘kick back’ spot and start believing you were in a haunted cemetery as there where ghouls, and winged effects lurking at every corner.

As you can imagine, it was hard deciding what kind of crowd we were dealing as most everyone were elaborately disguised ( I think I even spotted a teletubby) but everyone was getting on bad and the more mature versions of our favorite cartoons and hero’s WOW…I’ll never look a wile Coyote the same!

As an adult, at these parties you have to wonder why we don’t do it more often? I mean, where else are you going to see superman whining down with a pirate?

Thanks again to Bobby and the Bananas team for having TJJ Grenada in-house for yet another mad, mad event. Till next year!


>> View Halloween Mania @ Bananas Gallery