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There is a place in Martinique, where a family seems to have lived through hell. For over two hundred years the vault of this family is neglected because of some violent and scary phenomenons...

IMAGINE EVENT, AND TOUSANSOS MADINN'K, in agreement with Disney, were the host of “THE” Halloween party on Monday 31st October 2011.

And they named it : *** HOSTEL: The Haunted Mansion ***

On the Historic site of one of the most terrifying legends of the island, in a real mansion, they invited is to come quench our thirst for thrills, excite and vibrate our fear, in a venue worthy of the greatest horror movies.

I reached the venue a little late cause of the pouring rain, a long road cause the party took place all the way in the north atlantic side of the island. Lots of water but it didn’t stop me to reach the mansion.
Approaching the entrance, I was pretty happy to see people with costumes. Finally !!!! God only knew how much I wanted to see a crowd respecting the dress code and the legend of Halloween.
This tradition is not a part of the french culture at all, we are more focused on the religious days called All saints day than ever, but for few years it’s coming slowly and surely down here in Martinique.
So costumes were out that night and to welcome the lost souls of the party, two Machiavellian witches were there with their special potions in a big magic pot. Interesting Interesting, I wouldn’t want to know what was in there,let’s say I survived.

The venue was sumptuously decorated, a real frightening atmosphere, the dark and magic ambiance were on poppin’ ,BUT Be careful of the bloddy butchers, zombies and cemetery on the way to the mansion !!!  Muaahahahahahah

Get in around 11:45pm when the party started at 7pm, I was late but I was just on time for the live band performance by Madinn'K, a local band that everybody knows here in Martinique... What a performance, energy, killer songs, great musicians, ambiance guaranteed !!! Walking all over the place, I was glad to see that people played the game of Halloween, and just for that it was a success. The mansion was amazing, decorations made by S. Louis Regis were just perfect, unbelievable work my friend, it gave to that party a nice atmosphere. Amazing make up all around me whether you did it yourself or by the make up artist present that night , nice costumes, not like the english speaking countries, but oh well we tried *smile*

Dj's came out after that the band finished his show, DJ Cam Newell and DJ Klyne, yes, those guys again, the venue was ready to break down and explode, The crowd was just flying in the air.

At 3 am, the dark spirits took back possession of the venue ... What an Halloween party guys, all along this weekend, it was the best one, farrrr away ! For those who were not there, you all clearly missed a blast ! Even with a price of 25 euros in advance only and Food / drinks sold on site, that party didn’t fail, all conditions were reunited to spend a fabulous night.

This is story of The Legend of the Manor.

In the year 1800, a couple, ""X"", has taken possession of a vault after the death of one of their daughters, she was the youngest, only two years old. Four years later, the vault is opened again after their second daughter also meets an untimely death. A month later the father suffers the same fate.

When the vault was reopened for the father, people were horrified to see the two small coffins turned upside down as though it was thrown against the wall and landed in that position. The sight was a scary mess with no sign of forced entry. The only entrance is blocked by a stone weighing five hundred pounds. After the funeral of the father, the tomb is sealed, it is impenetrable. And yet it is reported that the people in attendance at the funeral witnessed the same terrifying scene, the father's coffin was also turned upside down.

Theories arose. Was a member of the family an evil spirit? Because it seemed that evil spirits were quite comfortable in this vault. A strange explanation indeed, but is there any other?

Slightly more than twenty years after the first death, another tragedy hits the family.  The governor of the island brings in help to try to find a solution. He orders that the ground of the cellar is covered with fine sand to obtain fingerprints, then the door was sealed again.
The following year he returned with the guards, soldiers and half the population of the island. When the vault was opened, it was the same scenario!  The coffins were in a disarry and no trace on the sand.

Faced with this enigma, terrified witnesses were able to reproduce the scene in a drawing without being able to really explain. These drawings are exhibits that reflect the historical mysteries of the vault.

To overcome this conundrum, the governor ordered the coffins removed from the vault and to this day, remains abandoned.

-Frenchie Juice

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