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Who say boat ride?! Wait, let me say that again, who say CRUISE SHIP?! Yes, I said it.....Cruise ship. Please excuse me while I do my happy dance. This had to be an illusion. Come to find out, that was the name of the promotion team yes, and my my my, what an enjoyable illusion it was. Things to make you say WOW! Come to find out that was just an abbreviation of the party's true meaning; Wine On Water. People...this is one review you all would need to pay attention to because the Jokey One is taking no prisoners. To the review!

Now we all know I love my boat rides. I've never done coverage at any south events so I was just a tad skeptical of the turnout that would've been at this event, but I as a ""juicehead"" can proudly say I was proven wrong. Don't get me wrong, I know my south-land, but never have I done any events there, far less a boat ride...ahem...excuse me, a cruise.

So I probably was the first person to get a band around my hand at the entrance. Not because the crowd had not arrive yet, but they were all on the outside stocking up their drinks and friends to enter the liner. As I stood on the dock i stared at the massive liner like....""This is going to be an experience."" The cruise liner had some sort of elegance, hence the name The Southern Elegance. Three stories of palancing. Now I have to be honest at this point. The liner was scheduled to be leaving at 2 p.m. I've been to other rides so I know that when they advertise that time, it means by 2 p.m start letting people on board so it can sail at maybe 4 p.m for the latest. In this case the boat didn't sail till 4:30 p.m which was sort of a drag, but hey...it happens.

Ladies, ladies, oh yes ladies. nuff said. Actually no, not enough said. Don't even think words can even describe the caliber of some of the women present, so I'm just gonna say one thing that may some it up ""WOW."" With the vibrant music provided by the DJ and the drinks that were available, everyone had to take a wine on water. Speaking of drinks, free beers! Now I'm not really a beer fan, but the fact that the promoters were so generous to provide cups and ice for its patrons...very thoughtful. Other promotions please take note of that.

From viewing the beautiful sunset, to the massive oil rigs, and the graceful pelicans go through the sky, Wine On Water take win yes. I'm sorry my ""Queen."" I will always love you, but I've found something of elegance in the south-land

Much thanks to the Illusions promotions for having us at TJJ present. Damian, yuh big. I shouldn't even have to write a review because this will be one event people will be talking about a while. Keep the juice posted on any further projects, and you know the Jokey One will be present

Salt N' Pepper

-Jokey Juice

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